Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Again with the Busy!

Oh my word! It's been run run run! I've been so busy I haven't been able to fill out for many samples or coupons at all! Between holiday shopping, school performances for the kids, my husband's work keeping him over and working him weekends and my work just being stressful I can't hardly keep up let alone get enough thoughts together to blog. Not that I was any sort of master blogger in the first place.

I have been trying to keep the kids busy though during the little bit of time we do get together between all our hectic schedules. Mommy went a little crazy this past weekend when Daddy was at work and found some old window snow and I decided I'd like the some light from the outside world. Our livingroom window has the most horrible view so this was a simple solution for things I had laying around the house and the kids enjoyed me teaching them how to make snowflakes again. It also helps because my husband has been whinning due to the lack of snow and how green everything is this winter.

Winter is my time for baking and to make sure this spare tire around me doesn't go flat hahahaha! If you have a JoAnn's in the area and you're not signed up on their website then what are you waiting for! This is the first year we've had JoAnn Fabric and Craft in the area and I'm loving it. We had them when I lived in Oregon but I guess they are just now getting to this region. I got my 20% off coupon which is 20% off my total order and have been spending way too much down there. My latest investment was a cookie press to make up decorative spritz cookies. Next I'll be making up some Berlinerkraser and Shortbread cookies with the kids. I also plan to try my hand at making bread bowls for my potato soup this year. Sadly everyone is so busy we will not be having our lady luncheon so I'm saving the ham and soup til Christmas. No real Yule celebration here our goal is normally just to enjoy each others company and stay warm... so I guess that's pretty traditional depending what part of the world you are from ha!
Okay one other thing before I get back to life... Coca-Cola, you've seen the points on the caps and on the boxes and probably like me you think to yourself, "I'm sure that it takes so many it's just not worth my time"  and normally you would be right but Coke runs these deals if you search and pay attention. I got a coupon for a free 12-pack for 120 pts. (each bottle is about 3 pts if I remember correctly) and because I was trying to imput everything to get a Kroger $25 gift card but didn't have enough pts so I got 2 coupons. Now they are mailed in and the 12-packs was the deal at that time but keep your eye out I also got free ritz crackers coupon one time.

Have a Happy Holiday Season!!

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