Monday, June 15, 2015

Busy Monday, June 15

To Do List

  • Write this Blog
  • Lunch with Peter
  • Grocery List
  • Work on laundry
  • Mow front Lawn
  • Put away shoes (yes this has to hit the lists there are like 8-10 pairs floating around scattered throughout the house)
  • Clean up my closet (I've just been yanking and my closet is so small you never know what you yank you just kind of reach in blind and pray so my closet has thrown up)
  • Vacuum
  • Spot clean the carpet (it really needs a full cleaning but I just don't think I will have time so I will get the bad spots)
  • Clean the bathroom counter
  • Dishes (this actually should be pretty quick)
  • Give Blacky (the dog) a bath. (It has been much needed but time has been so tight.)
  • Put away my winter clothes (... remember my closet up I pulled out so many winter clothes in attempts to get what I wanted that I need to vacuum seal these away for the next few months)
  • Clean the kitchen stove and counter
  • Um... still need to figure this one out. Just myself and Peter so it should be too hard. The hard part is cooking in the correct proportions. 

This Week's 'To-Do' List
  • Tuesday 
    • Work
  • Wednesday
    • Work
  • Thursday
    • Work
  • Friday
    • Work
  • Saturday
    • Botanical Gardens in the Afternoon/Evening for Balloons over the garden
  • Sunday - Father's Day
    • We plan to go out to the Ren Fair on this day. 

Last Week

 I'm starting to think I should start working on this blog daily just so I can easily remember things. Anyways last week I just worked a bunch. It was extremely stressful and irritating at work which is what made it seem like I was so busy last week to myself but I won't go into all that stuff. 

I did finally finish Katherine's shirt this past week. I may have mentioned that because it was at not this past Sunday's but the Sunday befores S'N B. I have pictures now though of the shirt I hope she likes it.

Peter also decided that he wanted a mask for OMG Con that was this past weekend. He 3D printed off the mask then worked on the bondo and such so we were driving all around town trying to find paints and supplies during last week. The house fell to pieces during this time and then of course during OMG Con everything fell apart around here as we'd wander in 1-2am and drop everything and pass out.
I'll have some other pictures later as things get uploaded but I've got a pretty big 'To Do' list for today so I'm going to hop off to that before it gets so hot I can't breath.

The Con was okay this year not as good as last year a lot of panels didn't start until really late so you stood around in the hall forever. They had technical difficulties up the wazoo! One of the key speakers had family issues and was not able to come out and then Saturday there was a bomb threat so we all had to evacuate. It was... interesting.

But until I have more pictures to post here are a few. Hope everyone had a wonderful week and has a wonderful week to come.
Duck Hunt! Classic! There was a large video game room. 
The Rave.

Me before the rave with my light up head band
Day 2 and so tired
Getting ready for the Ball.

Peter at the Ball

Some Cosplayers

The mask Peter was working on not fully done at that particular point. 

Monday, June 8, 2015

Busy Monday, June 8

So not the traditional Busy Monday post as it's getting close to being Tuesday.

Today I went to work so that threw things off... It was a long day at work just due to the content of work but I did take my lunch break to go have my normal Monday out to lunch with my hubby date (if you can call it a date since we are always with his co-workers).
I got hit by a sudden wave of tiredness and fell asleep in construction driving 55 mph... well fell asleep may be harsh how about a prolonged blink with a sudden swerve. I haven't been hit that hard by tiredness since before my B-12 problem was found out. They did switch one of my medications when I went to the doctor last week since it wasn't working as well now. I don't know if that had anything to do with it or not but it was scary so I came home and sent my husband a text apologizing but I was going to bed. Even after an hour of sleep I was very drowsy and just not myself and then my husband and I went to the grocery store where I continued to be out of it. I'm not sure what it was but I dislike it quite a bit and hope it doesn't happen again.

Last week was eventful. I had my doctors appointment, Brielle had her final Orchestra Concert of the year, Katherine had her Elementary School  Graduation and I found out on short notice that a friend of mine who moved away some time ago was in town just for a few days so I went out and saw her.

Last Thursday was the last day of school for the kids and it was eventful. Pete and I got the kids and loaded them up after we got them from school along with their luggage and then it was straight to Nashville with a quick stop at KFC for dinner along the way. I got through the check in and security pretty well but they didn't put down the gate numbers so that frustrated me. When the plane did start to load I wasn't sure how to handle it since Brielle was the 'adult' for the trip and normally Southwest does pre-boarding for people with 'young' children. I went up and asked though and they had the girls pre-board to make sure that they sat together.
Now when we left the airport I called my parents... they didn't answer. Hmmm...
Brielle was suppose to call when they landed in Denver to do their plane transfer. We were very clear she needed to call us because it was so late at night we were worried... No call.
So by this point we're calling my parents and still no answer and we don't know what's going with the kids and we're pulling our hair out. Later that evening Brielle calls their plane got diverted to Albuquerque! Apparently there was a large storm over Denver so we were worried what was going to happen with her connecting flight. She told us they said they were making arrangements.
So then I am calling my parents and still no answer so I call my grandmother to see if there is another number for them but she was asleep (rightfully so!) and I'm totally freaking out and getting ready to try and call a friend in Oregon to see if they would be able to get up to the airport if my parents weren't up there.

I pass out on the couch with my phone set for 2am which is when the flight (about 12am PST) would be landing and finally get through to my parents to tell them what is going on. They end up sitting there for like 4 hours to get the girls and apparently at 2am I accidently put my phone on silent so yeah it was a mess.
The girls are safe though and that is what matters.
Though when I realized I fell asleep and suddenly wake up at 5:50 am and try and get off the couch which rocks it scares the cat and she slices into my hand so then I get odd looks at work Friday... Oh yes after all that Thursday night I still had to go into work on Friday.

Friday was nice though while Peter was out playing cards I ended up going out later in the evening and meeting a friend who introduced me to another lovely lady.

Saturday we went to a friends birthday party and he got way too wasted so we stuck around and helped clean up after the party and make sure he was alright... there was a LOT of drama associated with that one but I won't go into other people's dirty laundry just not my place...
Though I did have to tell myself "Not my Circus Not my Monkeys" a few times.

Sunday I had Stitch N Bitch again which I finally finished Katherine's shirt I just wish I had finished making it before she left out for Oregon but I'll see her when she flies to North Carolina to see my husband's family.

Pretty rough down and dirty posting and I apologizing for not having some inspiring craft or recipe or some such. It seems like I haven't for a long while now just I've been pulled in a lot of directions. I hope one day life settles down a bit more again.

Monday, June 1, 2015

Busy Monday, June 1

To Do List

  • Get kids off to school
  • Write this Blog
  • Work
  • Lunch with Peter
  • I have a doctors appt for my B-12 shot (still haven't found another facility to do it.
  • Grocery Shopping
  • Start going through the kids luggage to make sure they are packing enough for their 6 week vacation away. 
  • Work on laundry
  • Monday - Chicken Curry & Rice
  • Tuesday - Tyson Chicken Bites and Fries
  • Wednesday - Create your own Pizza
  • Thursday - Eat Out
  • Friday - Unknown
  • Saturday - Unknown
  • Sunday - Unknown

This Week's 'To-Do' List
  • Tuesday 
    • School for kids, Pete & I have work
    • Katherine has Water Day at school so I need to make sure she has items packed in the morning for that.
    • My annual doctors check up.
    • Brielle's Orchestra Concert 5:30 (? - not 100% need to contact the teacher to make sure... will send out an email today) to about 8 o'clock
  • Wednesday
    • School for kids, Pete has work I plan to take the day off.
    • Katherine's 5th Grade Promotion Ceremony 11am-1pm at the school
    • Goal of after the ceremony if I've had time to pick up more bias tape I'm going to try and finish the summer shirt I was sewing for Katherine.
  • Thursday
    • Kids have school, Peter & I have work
    • Pick up kids after school and drive down to Nashville to put the kids on their flight.
  • Friday
    • Pete & I have work.
    • Peter has his Friday Night card game.
  • Saturday - Nothing I know of off hand.
  • Sunday 
    • I have Stitch 'N Bitch with the ladies for our June meetup. 

Last Week

Hmm last week is a bit of a Blurr.
Sunday was Camping
Monday was Memorial Day and I pretty much just spent the day dealing with my rash that I got while camping and cleaning sleeping bags (which I have yet to put away I have some repairs to do to them before I pack them up for the  year.
Tuesday I went back to work and Peter invited me out to lunch so I went out with him.
After work that day I ran down to the craft store to get the other pillow form and then took the kids down to 4-H. I didn't take pictures of them with their pillows I was expecting the 4-H page to post it up but they haven't sadly. I'll have to see about taking pictures later they did a good job on them. 
We ended up having Sandwiches that night since 4-H makes things weird. 

Wednesday it was more work. Then there was 4-H for Project club that evening. Peter gave me a present for our anniversary a day early it was insanely thoughtful. I was also a bit pieved though because I didn't want to do presents this year because I didn't have a single idea for him which sounds horrible but I really didn't. I didn't want to get him more dust collectors. I found out he was going to do this like the week prior so it didn't give me a lot of time to come up with something so after work that day before getting the kids for 4-H I stopped at the grocery store and had decided to make Peter a cheesecake. There are a lot of foods I used to make but I'm just so busy these days I don't do a lot of baking anymore and I know he really likes cheesecake. 

Thursday morning I found out that Katherine threw up during the night, that she woke up Peter and he sent her back to bed (found that one out a few days later) and that Brielle had cleaned up all of Kat's sick (such a good big sister). I still ended up sending Katherine to school and she had an upset stomach for a few days but no other signs like fever or anything. It sounds horrible but there is really only so much a person can do and it was that once and she kept down breakfast fine so I figured if she's real sick again they'll send her home. Again it sounds bad but for attendance at school it works out better that way and it lets me get into work for a few before Peter and I have to scramble to find out who is taking time off. Plus Katherine had a field trip that afternoon she really wanted to go to and it all worked out and she got to go on her trip.
Thursday was also mine and Peter's 15th wedding anniversary! My word how have I put up with him for so many years?
We weren't able to do anything that evening though so instead I asked him out to lunch and we had a nice lunch together before going back to work.
After work that day I rushed home and started making the cheese cake. Mind you work held me late for meetings so Peter was already home when I pulled the cheesecake from the oven and then it had to cool that evening. I did try though but it shows why I don't bake any more. 

Katherine wasn't getting back from her field trip until about 6:45 so Peter opted to eat something at home and then go get Katherine.
Brielle had her Orchestra Banquet which we went and wandered around the wrong school before I was smart and checked the notes on my calendar on my phone and got ourselves to the right school where we sat with one of her classmates and I met her classmate's mom and we had a nice chat to pass the time. Brielle got her letter too. 

Friday Peter opted not to go play his card game though I told him he could and we instead went out to a nice dinner and had the kids stay home and make sandwiches and then Peter and I went out to the movies to see Mad Max. Right before the movie started Brielle texted me and told me her swimsuit was not fitting from last year so after the movie Peter and I went to walmart and went swimsuit shopping for Brielle because she needed the suit for Saturday.

Saturday was busy also. Peter had All Pro Dad breakfast hosted by the PTO at Chick-fil-a at 8am and I had to have Brielle down to the drop off point for her Orchestra field trip to Holiday world by 9am. I worked a bunch that morning outside and then I picked up Johanna and we went and grabbed some subway and I drove us out to a park I wanted to show her to consider for her wedding and we had a picnic out there and thankfully left just in time before the storm hit. During this time I was out Peter was out with Katherine for Pokemon. That evening Johanna, Peter and I played cards together and took a short break for Pete to go get Brielle. It was an enjoyable evening but then again I did win a lot. :)

Sunday... I had Stitch 'N Bitch with the ladies that day and I have so many outfits I wanted to have sewn for the girls for the summer that I haven't had time to work on so I started working on Katherine's shirt. I need the pattern multiple times so first I had to trace it out and then I had to get the fabric cut and then I started working on the shirt I was hoping to have it done on Sunday but it didn't work out like that. From 3-6 I was at Stitch 'N Bitch and one of the ladies there showed us some awesome wedding invitations she found at Dollar Tree (she was already married but she's super crafty so she picked them up to use for other things) so that kind of started a chain of events. At 6 o'clock when we left there I went to Aldi I had $3 off any meat purchase there that expired on Sunday so I hurried down to Aldi before they closed, then I went to Dollar Tree and bought out their stock of invitations and the lady that showed them to us, Courtney, was also there so we wandered the aisles and looked at things then stood around like silly people and chatted for a long time about weddings and different stories because she used to work in a bridal shop. After that I swung through a drive through for dinner then contacted another friend who had an old dress she wanted to give to Brielle and I told her I'd pick it up this weekend to get it out of her way so I then went down to her house and she was gone but her husband chatted my ear off for awhile and then I rushed home because remember I have groceries in the car! 

Wrapping Up

That was last week... this week is busy too... I'm already dreading putting my kiddos on the plane though. On the last day of school we are sending them off so we don't get any free time at the start of the summer together. I'll see them again in July for a week and then of course at the end of July.

It's been a whirlwind of events the last few weeks and I'm really hoping for some breathing time soon. I can feel just my whole self getting worn down keeping this pace.

Hope everyone has a great week!!