Monday, September 26, 2016

Busy Monday, September 26

Today's 'To-Do' List
  • Lunch with Peter
  • Clean
I did the grocery shopping on Sunday so that hopefully will save some time. I'm not feeling too well today truthfully. My throat is real scratchy, nose is running and I have a bit of a headache and my ears are bugging me. I hope it passes soon. 
  • Grilled Pork, Veggie mix, red potatoes and some corn for Peter and Kat who won't like the mix. 
  • Pork roast (I might do the Pork Loin with Onions I think I might have enough stuff), Mashed Potatoes, Corn/Peas
  • Lasagna
  • Eat at 4-H Tailgate Party
  • Pizza
  • Eat Out on Saturday
  • Tyson Anytiers with French Fries
This Week's 'To-Do' List
  • Monday - Off work though I'm very much considering going into work. I haven't decided yet. I also had to take Brielle into school at 7am and it sounds like this will be a regular Monday thing as she has to go to her class early to take care of things before she can leave to go to National Beta Club. Her Collage course normally starts before school starts so it throws things off but the teacher is working with her. 
  • Tuesday - Work (typ. for week), I have to be down at the H.S. from 4-6pm for Parent Teacher Conferences thus the crockpot meal. 
  • Wednesday is Katherine's Picture day... I need to remind myself to order those online today or tomorrow. 
  • Thursday I have a meeting with Gloria who is my daughter's trama councilor. I'm trying to come to grips with things. People might remember I dropped off the face of the earth a little over a year ago while we dealt with a trama and I never really went into it. I still don't want to go into it because truthfully I don't want to hear "I'd kill them" or "I'm so sorry" because no amount of words can be used. In any case it is time for me to go in for a session and get prepared for what I will hear which I've already heard and I really don't want to hear again of recounts of events. But I'm mom and I'm who my daughter most wants there.
    Thursday evening on a happy note we will be going to the 4-H Tailgate party. I keep trying to get people to show up to it but I get the feeling some folks think of club activities for their kids as a burden which it can feel like because sometimes you just don't want to be out and you just want to be home after a day of work but it's great for the kids and that makes it all worth it. 
  • Friday there is no school for the kids because it is a teacher in service day but Brielle has a field trip she will have to be at the H.S. at 5:30 am and won't be home until about 12 hours later. They are going out to one of the colleges. 
  • Saturday there is the yearly air show which is over the Ohio River and is free so we always go out to it and there is the HWY 60 Yard Sale which is like hundreds of miles of Yard Sales so some friends are having one that we are going to put stuff into. 
  • Sunday.... Day of rest or rather day of catching everything up at home because trying to keep up with the rest of the schedule things are going to fall apart again I'm sure; no matter how much work I do today. 
Last Week

Well first back on the 14th it was my oldest's 16th Birthday! They grow up so quick. And though there are many frustrations with her as there are with raising most teens I still couldn't imagine life without her. Not too much longer and she'll be out of the nest.
No photos we were pretty busy with things. She had a dance party in the carport and thankfully it didn't rain. We let the teenagers do their thing and they ended up in a cupcake toss war and drank 6 2ltrs... Teenagers are scary!

We had another STEM meeting this time down at the park where they have the raptor center for caring for injured raptors (birds of prey). Kristen Allen is our guest speaker yup star of Bandit Patrol on Nat Geo Wild. She's a local here and between seasons of filming things still don't slow down but we are all grateful she took some time to talk to our group.

Things haven't really slowed down the last two weeks for us. It has been run run run. I've done some consignment shopping and then this last weekend was a pre-release for the new Magic the Gathering set. I'm ready for a break but not sure when I'm going to ever manage to get one.

Artifacts Inc. is a game we haven't been able to play yet. I actually won this game from GenCan't. There seemed to be some confusing getting it to me so it's a little late getting here but I'm not complaining. We haven't had a chance to sit down and try it yet as it just came in Friday but I'm really looking forward to it and have started to read the rules. I would love more sit down to play board games time with the family.

Monday, September 12, 2016

Busy Monday, September 12

Today's 'To-Do' List
  • Write this Blog
  • Make a Menu
  • Make a Shopping List
  • Cleaning
  • Fasting Blood Test (Yes, I'm functioning without coffee this morning but just barely.)
  • Lunch with Peter
  • Shopping
  • Work on Fall Cleaning (I was looking back at my old blog posts for Fall Cleaning back in 2013! I don't think I could write things up any better but do have a different plan of attack this year.)
  • Monthly B-12 Injection at the hospital
  • M - Tacos (Not exactly what I want but Brielle has left overs from this weekend that MUST be ate today so that's where things are)
  • T - Spaghetti w/Meatballs
  • W - Dinner Out for Brielle's Birthday
  • T - BBQ Pork Sandwiches 
  • F - Pizza
  • S - S - ? Again I'm confused by the weekend. I figure Saturday probably end up eating out. Sunday I have no clue. We've had company a lot over the weekends which means extra mouths to feed but not always so it does make it hard to plan ahead. 
This Week's 'To-Do' List
  • Work/School for family through week. 
  • Cleaning throughout week. 
  • Tuesday, Well Child appts for both kids.
  • Wednesday, Brielle turns 16!! With all the headaches of raising a teenager I still wonder how this day ever got here so fast! 
  • W-Th This week we will have folks in the house doing construction. We are having new doors put in for the rooms. When we bought this house it was originally a rental. We've spent a lot of money on the outside but now we can't ignore the inside. Most of our doors don't sit correctly any more and some of them never even fit where they went so they wouldn't shut properly. Friend of ours got a bunch of doors at an auction cheep already framed so we are having our doors re-done but we are doing this super cheap at the cheapest bid which normally means there will be things I will be unhappy with and a lot of work left to do after the fact. 
  • Thursday, another appt for Brielle that I'll be taking her to in the afternoon.
  • Friday, Peter will probably be out playing cards again. Maybe things can get call down a little. 
  • Saturday, Brielle has her Birthday Party! She wanted a Dance Party so we told her she could have it in the carport. People were like, "But what if it rains?" Well they have a roof over their head. I am NOT having a whole bunch of kids in my house again. So I told them they could have the party outside only from 7pm-12am. Which by the forecast right now it very well could be raining. 
Last Week

So last Monday was Labor Day and I expected to have an easy day but we ended up going over to Indiana to visit with some friends and go to their county Labor Day Fair. 
It was stupidly hot and humid so we didn't stay very long much to the kids disappointment but the adults had no intention of standing out in it. Even in the shade it was oppressive. 

 Tuesday, Peter and I went for a walk we were trying to get back into the routine but we only went out walking twice this past week. Things have been so busy and we've had company over so often or bad weather that it has really gotten us out of our good habits. 

On Monday, Labor Day my friend's water broke around 3 am and she was in labor for about 22 hours. She literally labored all day on Labor Day to have her sweet little girl Talia at about 1 am the next day. 
We gave them some time to get home and get settled and visited them on Friday. This is my husband holding her. She's so adorable. I have to keep reminding myself they grow up to be teenagers LOL

Oh I also got a letter in last week from Kroger. So As I sit here with $155 in medical bills from that accident I'm now getting notified that they do not deny the accident but the roof was under warranty therefore I'm waiting for word from the roofing company to handle my medical. At least they aren't fighting what happened in the incident. 


That is where things are at right now. I do suppose I should finally get cleaned up, dressed and out the door to go have this blood drawn so I can finally eat today. 

Monday, September 5, 2016

Busy Monday, September 5

Today's 'To-Do' List
  • Cleaning up the house and getting ready for the work week
  • Menu
  • Grocery Shopping
  • Husband invited people over to play video games so we'll be doing that late this evening.
  • Steak (we found it on discount Sunday)... um sides maybe pick up some potatoes and corn on the cob at the store today
  • Chicken & Rice
  • Spaghetti w/meatballs
  • Grilled Chicken
  • Pizza
  • Still deciding
  • Still deciding
This Week's 'To-Do' List
  • Work
  • Brie - appt on Thursday
Last Week

Alright last week. So far it's a bit of a blur tell the truth. There was lots of working involved. There was some doctors appointments. Oh I dealt with Kroger's insurance company that was less than fun. I have $155 in medical bills but instead of dealing with it they are now pushing it onto the roof maintenance company for the store where I fell. No joke. This has just been one thing after another. I'm so tired of it. 

Friday, Peter and I did some running around town in the morning. We were trying to get his glasses so he'd have his new prescription for the concert but the stores lab was down, their computers were down just everything was pretty much down so we picked out his frames got things ordered they did an old fashion copy of our HSA card and then we moved on and got some late breakfast at our local diner called Dee's which has huge breakfasts so we ate until we were going to pop and then got on the road to Indianapolis with our leftovers which became our lunch. 

After hitting a lot of construction we rolled into Indy for enough time to check into our room, take about a 20 minute nap and then we went to a pizza place called Jockamo Pizza. We split our pizza because Peter and I have different tastes. Peter got the Slaughterhouse Five - Pepperoni, ham, sausage, bacon & sliced steak on his side. I got the Bollywood - Housemade spicy masala sauce, chicken, green onion, peppadew peppers, fresh garlic, goat cheese, finished with toasted coconut. Yes, you read that all correctly. I wanted to try something different. It was actually very good. 

It was then off to the Black Sabbath Concert! Rebel Sons opened for them and they were good. The concert was good other than really tall people in front of me and then there were people that were smoking pot I didn't appreciate that. One girl was standing on a chair and blocking my view while she was whipping her hair around hitting everyone around her I'm sure they didn't appreciate that. Of course the normal drunks around the concert. I really don't understand spending a ton of money to see a concert especially in the VIP area like we were to spend $20 a beer and then be so drunk you probably don't remember anything. 
But I digressed. 
It was an awesome concert. 

We stayed the night there had a little bit of breakfast there at the hotel and then took back off for home. We had originally wanted to take some time to explore Indy but by Saturday morning we just decided home was best.

When we got home I ended up taking a nap after that long drive and Peter thankfully took Katherine downtown to the art show/sale. Apparently it wasn't as good as they were hoping but Katherine apparently still had fun so that is what matters.

Then Saturday evening we went down to one of the parks. The park got rained out on the 4th so they were doing their fireworks display for Labor Day. I didn't get any pictures of the family though. Katherine ran into some friends and was off having fun and Brielle didn't go she went to a friend's house to sleep over instead. But they were very pretty fireworks.
 After fireworks we had a friend over so we played some video games on the PC until 2:30 am!

Sunday, I got up early (okay 8:30 if you can call that early) and took care of all the yard work.

What we did Sunday is we had folks over. We grilled up some hamburgers. 

We spent the evening playing a card game called Magic the Gathering. 
Lots of fun was had and again another 2:30 am evening. 

I was back up at 8:30 this morning. I just can't figure out how to sleep in apparently. 
Tonight sounds like plans were made for more company to play video games so I guess I should get started on the house.