Monday, August 25, 2014

Busy Monday, August 25

Today's 'To-Do' List
  • Get kids to bus 6:40 & 7:15
  • Write this blog
  • Make menu
  • Lunch with Husband
  • Go through coupons
  • Grocery Shopping
  • Fill Fishtank (low on water - Probably will use the time to clean it up a little too)
  • Mow lawns
  • Catch up on Laundry
  • Pick-Up Katherine early from school to work on spelling words. -- I've really slacked off this week I knew Katherine had a packet due this Tuesday and it is followed by a spelling test Wednesday but I haven't worked at all on it. That's on me. I was good at keeping up on it the first couple days I knew about it last week and then I slacked off. It's going to take a little bit for this parent to get fully back into the school responsibility swing of things. 
  • 5th Grade Orientation for Katherine


  • Hormel Pot Roast, Mashed Potatoes & Gravy, Corn
  • Hamburger Helper & Green Beans
  • BBQ (Pork or Chicken) , baked beans, chips
  • Grilled Cheese & Tomato Soup
  • Chicken & Pasta & Peas
  • Pizza
  • Breaded Pork, Peas, Mashed Potatoes, Pan gravy

This Week's 'To-Do' List

  • Go to the gym
  •  Clean up around the house 
  • Mow
  • Take Katherine to the bank so she can cash her birthday checks. She feels rich LOL - God for little bits of money to feel like they were so huge again I'd almost pay for that feeling *glances over at the stack of bills* or how about just to have money again! :)  

Last Week

Well since my post was from last Tuesday I can skip Monday. Tuesday like I said was Katherine's 10th birthday! Oh jeeze she's getting so big I need another baby!
We went to Buffalo Wild Wings which is her favorite place to eat and she had a great time and our server was really friendly. 

Well remember the Gym thing? Yeah it didn't happen. I had planned to go to the Gym on Thursday but then I needed to babysit for a friend of mine because she had to go get someone from the hospital so that kind of ate up my evening. 

Friday is kind of a blur to me but I did get the oil changed in my car and I wandered around Walmart. I generally hate Walmart due to their stance on Unions and what they have done to keep them out of their business but I hate them less than I hate Hobby Lobby currently.... totally different rant I'll keep off of here. 
I found the Walmart on the otherside of town (which is quite the ways out of the way) has a lot of crafting items that the Walmart on my side of town doesn't offer. 

I ended up buying lots of little things there including some spray paint. 
I started playing around with that candy corn jar idea. It probably would have turned out fine if I had a better paint for the glass. Every time I picked up the glass my fingers would take paint away so from a distance it looks fine but don't exam it within 10 feet!

Friday night Peter went off to FNM, Friday Night Magic (a card game event he goes to every week), and so I spent the evening sewing trying to work on Katherine's costume. It's been a very slow process so far. 

Saturday was Katherine's Birthday Party! 
We had the party down at Ozone and some of her friends were unable to make it so the parents switched in and out... it was Laser Tag! Even I got into the mix! It was a lot of fun for everyone! 

After the birthday party it was so hot and a friend of ours has a pool so we wink winked and nudge nudged and head over there that evening. Pete and I remembered we had hamburger paddies in the chest freezer from our last cook out, I had a bunch of lettuce, onion and tomato that had to be used too! I had bags and bags of chips because I bought chips not realizing I had a ton of chips already at the house so we had plenty to go around! We had an impromptu grill out. I sent Peter out for some corn and my friend had beans and chicken and I remembered I had pulled pork from this past week I needed to have ate. It all came together rather well and we were able to feed lots of people!
The kids got to go swimming for awhile and then a storm moved in so we had to pull them out of the pool. I asked the girls the next day though and they said they still had a great time. 
We actually didn't end up leaving there until about 2am because Peter and I were playing cards with some of the people over there. 

Sunday I got into my fridge and finally pulled out the green beans I bought on clearance and canned up some Dilly Beans. 
I'll try to make a note for myself to write up the recipe. It's very easy and it's just a water bath needed for canning it so no uber expensive or special things. 

Earlier Sunday a friend of mine came over to borrow my dehydrator and also I told her she could take as much parley from the back as she wanted. While she was cutting parsley these little buggers were discovered. 

I did some searching online because we easily saw 8 to 10 of these on my curly leaf parsley and found out they will become Eastern Black Swallowtail Butterflies! I think that is so cool! 

And before that on Sunday I went through stacks and stacks of stuff and took pictures and posted prices on line trying to go that route instead of a garage sale because I have organizational time issues.
I'm probably missing stuff as I break down my week. I need more coffee and I really don't feel like facing the day but if I don't do it today it'll have to wait until next week. I hope everyone has a great week ahead of them. 

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Busy Monday, August 18 -- Very Late Edition

Today's Yesterday's 'To-Do' List
Wondering what happened to me? Well Monday was an uber busy day this was what I had to try and take care of along with what sprung up suddenly. 
  • Get kids to bus 6:40 & 7:15 -- Brielle misses bus at 7:15 so drive out to drop her off at the High School
  • Go to work 8am-1pm due to missed bus 8:15-1:15
  • Pick up babysitter for the evening since he does not drive so out to a little town called Thurston
  • Pick up Brielle from the High School
  • Have Brielle to Orthodontist by 2:20 (we just made it)
  • Drop babysitter off at the house
  • Got to the ATM ... then try to reverse out of the ATM as it was broken and had to wait to go through the drive through window transaction process
  • Go pick up Katherine out at the county school
  • Drive back to pick up Brielle from Orthodontist ... she wasn't quite done so we had to sit there for a bit
  • Got home about 3:30pm
  • Got changed and went through the list of things that needed to be done with the babysitter. 
  • Peter got home & then we had to wait for the other folks we were going to the concert with.
  • I think we left out of the house about 4:30 -- myself, my husband, 2 of our dear friends and one of our friends mother and we headed to Nashville, TN
  • We got down to Broadway street and got some dinner. 
  • 7:30 we got into the concert building for Tori Amos
  • We got home at 1am. 

It was awesome to be able to see Tori Amos again. The last time I went to one of her concerts I was a teenager! I got to hang out with some really great people... I got a large plastic cup of wine and my husband got me some souvenirs and surprised me with them! 
It was total stress for that day and really the weekend prior to it as I thought about how that day was going to be but it all turned out well and with us having plenty of time. 
After getting back from vacation and our refrigerator breaking down twice -- Yes twice... I kind of went overboard with shopping so this week other than little things like a loaf of bread, milk and things like that I will be trying to eat out of the house. You'll notice a lot of things from a few weeks ago because due to when the kids and I left for our trip, the fridge going out, etc. there was a lot of eating out. 
  • Monday - Eat Out
  • Tuesday - Eat Out -- Katherine's Birthday!!
  • Pulled Pork
  • Tacos
  • Spaghetti
  • Pizza
  • ?? Chicken of some sort I've got some in the freezer to use up. 

This Week's 'To-Do' List

  • Today: Write this blog
  • Today: Make menu
  • Today: Lunch with Husband
  • Today: Grocery Shopping
  • Today: Buy School Supplies
  • Today: Order Katherine's Birthday Cake
  • Today: Buy Birthday Supplies
  • Oil Change for Van (never got to it last week)
  • Go to the gym at least once... Okay I'm going to make once a goal things have been NUTS!
  •  Clean up around the house 
  • Mow - 1/2 done today got the front
  • Saturday Birthday Party for Katherine

Last Week

Wednesday, was the first day of school for the kids!! Also, looked through patterns and went down and bought the pattern that Katherine wanted for her halloween outfit (little did I know that this would be one heck of an undertaking)

Thursday, it was a pretty average day. I went to work and then I got Katherine from after school and drove her home and then waited for Brielle to get home so she could watch her sister so I could drive my van down to the shop to have the alternator worked on. I dropped off my van and then Peter came and picked me up after he got off of work. 

Friday, it was pretty much a normal work day other than I did get off of work early and then I picked up Katherine early instead of her staying in After School. Katherine and I went down to Jo-Ann Fabrics
 and after 2 hours of trying to debate about fabric we picked out the fabric for her Halloween outfit. 
Peter decided to go to Friday Night Magic so it was just the girls and myself. I went to go fix some Hamburger Helper for dinner and after I got the water, spices, pasta and beef all together I went for milk and found out someone drank all the milk without telling me! No one will fess up to it either!! Thankfully from baking bread I had dried milk around the house and while I wasn't sure how it was going to turn out I mixed it up as direct (doesn't smell very good) and used that for the Hamburger Helper. There weren't any complaints thankfully! My dried milk is well past it's sell by date but the thing about dried milk is that if you get the non-fat dried milk that is individually packaged and keep it in an even temp room and out of direct sunlight the stuff darn near lasts indefinitely.  
I started cutting out the fabric for Katherine's outfit. A lot of ironing and pinning and with me having loopy carpet area only to cut on it made it very difficult... in fact it made some of my pieces cut wrong I've been having to adjust as I go to try and make it work. 
Oh also I drove Pete's car around and the check engine light came on again! It happens everytime I drive his car! And the engine code has the same part breaking again!! I did eventually get my van back that day. 

Saturday, Peter had to work half the day. I took Katherine to Pokemon League with Brielle in tow. Peter met us over there after he got off of work. Peter was bummed that Guardians of the Galaxy was already out of 3D that was something he really wanted to do so I told him to check Evansville (a town about an hour away) since they have an IMAX and such. They still had it in 3D so the command decision was made and we all went to our very first IMAX experience and then got dinner out at Golden Corral after and complained that we ate too much. 
Before we left for the IMAX though I needed more fabric for Katherine's dress I had been doing a lot of math and figures because the fabric she wanted to use was of the wrong size width plus it was really expensive. We finally found a less expensive fabric she okayed. I had also forgotten the interfacing so we had to get that also. 

Sunday it rained... and we got a hole in our roof!! So during a lull Peter and I ran out there and Peter got on the roof and thought he found the spot so ran out to buy some roofing glue stuff and we had some flashing so we had to cut that and put it under the tile. Hopefully that was the problem. I spent the rest of the day working on sewing instead of doing what I should have been which was cleaning.

Which shout out about my baby girl Katherine... today is her 10th! Birthday!!

My goofy girl will always be my baby!

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Busy Monday, August 11 - Late Edition

Today's Yesterday's 'To-Do' List
  •  Holiday World with the Family

After getting back from vacation and our refrigerator breaking down twice -- Yes twice... I kind of went overboard with shopping so this week other than little things like a loaf of bread, milk and things like that I will be trying to eat out of the house. You'll notice a lot of things from a few weeks ago because due to when the kids and I left for our trip, the fridge going out, etc. there was a lot of eating out. 
  • Monday - Eat Out
  • Pulled Pork
  • Banquet Chicken, Potatoes & Biscuits
  • Hamburger Helper
  • Tacos
  • Chicken, rice, stir fry veggies
  • ??? - I'm sure I have more meals waiting around here that I can search out. 

This Week's 'To-Do' List

  • Today: Write this blog
  • Today: Make menu
  • Today: go in for B12 shot - This was due last week but I wasn't back in town yet. I started to think... hey maybe I don't need these any more (because they are costing me $80 every month after insurance) and this it's just been a downhill journey from there and I've been so tired and really useless so the house is in shambles. 
  • Today: Fill out school forms
  • Today: Make sure backpacks are ready (mostly Katherine's we still don't have a supply list for Brielle since High School is different) 
  • Today: Find sunglasses & a picture for Katherine for the first day!! Putting this even on my calendar so I don't forget tonight!
  • Today: Have kids pick out and lay out clothes for tomorrow. 
  • Go to the gym at least twice. - This is a goal I'd really like to reach but it may be hard this week. I should be able to go at least once though since school starts tomorrow.  
  •  Clean up around the house 
  • Take van back down to the shop (yes it needs to go back in again the alternator is making sounds and has been for awhile so before it becomes a larger issue and locks up my engine which my dad was worried about I'm going to take the van back down Friday for more work at this new mechanic)

Last Week

Oh goodness I'm like 2 weeks... 3 weeks behind? I forget how behind I am! I've had a lot going on so much I'm going to have to pull up my calendar for this! I'm going to try and make it short because I need to be getting off to work. 

First off I made this little picture hanger. I took one of the free cabinet doors I got and painted it and put one of those wall stickers on it and then polyurethaned over that. I found the 6 picture hangers down at Goodwill for .50 a piece and I drilled holes into them to put the hooks. I have this hanging on my wall now all but one picture because while on vacation one of my hooks went missing and they are hard to replace. My phone is only at 15% charge otherwise I would have taken a picture of it on the wall with the kids pictures in it. 

A couple weeks ago we started our trek to South Dakota to see my grandpa but also because my other cousin was getting married.  After much debate I decided that 16 hours of driving was just too much for me and that I'm not as young as I used to be aka I don't travel as well so we stayed in the halfway point of St. Joseph, MO. Knowing we'd be there a little earlier in the day than when I was read to completely stop I decided to look into the area and find out what was available and found some very neat stuff out though sadly we did not have the time to do everything we did get to go to one museum and now we know about St. Joseph so if we stay there again and have time on our hands we know what is there! What did I find? Well there is a Pony Express Museum, Jesse James's home is there and the Patee Museum. We elected to go to the Patee Museum which was once a very nice hotel and during the civil war was turned into the operations base for the Pony Express. It was later a girls school, a factory and a couple other things! Lots of history in the huge building!
I took a lot of pictures so I'll just post a few. 
 I had nearly 200 pictures I took here! There were all sorts of rooms, there were wagons, cars, even a train! inside here! There were all these little 'shops' made to look like an older shop and you could go inside and see actual items and how these shops would have looked back from back then.
In each shop they had something that was out of place... out of time and you could pay a quarter (or was it 50 cents? it was cheap) and get a little sheet of paper and play along noting each thing. It sounds silly and I wasn't going to pay for it at first but the kids really did have a blast and it made them really explore the whole building but we had nearly 2 hours there and we were still rushed and unable to read everything! There was so much information about different things it was amazing!
 This is a stop I would recommend! I didn't think it would take the whole time and had hoped to go to the home of Jesse James but there just wasn't enough time to do that.

It just amazes me how huge that building really was and the truth is when you go up the spiral staircase you can see a few levels where they have not refinished and it has truly fallen apart but it is still a gorgeous building.

 So if you find yourself going through Missouri this is perhaps one of the towns you might want to stop by. It's right along I-29. Now to get over to these historical places it's a little odd so I do suggest getting directions in order or having your GPS setup.

If you are interested here is their website.

Right next door we saw this building and were sad it was closed but thought it would have been so cool had it been opened! 

We stayed at a Day's Inn there at St. Joseph and it had an outdoor pool. It's not a 5 star hotel but no one really minded that. The pool was the big thing. I could have gotten a room a little cheaper somewhere else but I wanted to make sure the kids could have fun. The staff was very friendly too so on our way back we stayed there again. 

We made it to South Dakota and to my grandpa's house with no problems. We spent some time trying to help him around the house and I even got Brielle on the riding lawnmower and she mowed part of his yard. It was very dry in South Dakota it really puts into perspective the drought they are having. 

We took a trip to Wyle Park which you've heard me talk about before. If you are ever near Aberdeen, SD this is another stop you just must take! It is a wonderful park they've put together which is completely free to get into. They do have a few rides and they are very cheap really to get on to compared to some places. Storybook Land is the kids favorite place to go and especially for younger children this is just great place to stop! 

 In the park area they also have other activities that you can pay to do. There is putt-putt which we did and of course Katherine won! Poor Brielle came in last place.

The also have a Euro Jump which the kids did and they have go-carts! The kids did the go-carts again this year but unlike other years Katherine was tall enough to drive her own go-cart for the first time!! She was so excited and had a wonderful time! We all had fun though!

Later in the week we went to the park and we rented bicycles and rode around the park for an hour and through the zoo they had and we stopped and watched the buffalo and then we stopped another time for the girls to go watch the prairie dogs.

Other things we did out there is we went clothing shopping. I needed a new swimsuit because I noticed mine had thinned in the rear and I didn't think that was quite right and also I really have been needing a new one anyways since losing weight. While there Katherine! actually found clothes she liked! She hates shopping and always just shrugs her shoulders at everything but this time she really got into it. Brielle had gotten a lot of clothes with her grandma while she was in Oregon but Katherine didn't want anything this time Katherine did. Oh the other reason for the shopping trip the girls decided when we got to my grandpa's house that it was time to inform me that their shoes were too small for them. So the kids got new shoes and new clothes for the school year for a scary price tag but it needed to be done and Katherine was just so excited to be picking out clothes it's the first time I've ever seen her like that so it was hard to stop her. We did shop the discount racks though so we got a lot of clothing.
After clothing shopping I decided it was time for lunch so I took the kids to Pizza Ranch. On our way to Pizza Ranch my temperature gauge goes on!! I call up my parents who were also at my grandpa's house for the wedding and they rushed to town for me. Apparently my radiator decided it was tired of living and it died! The nice folks at Pizza Ranch let me use a phone book to call around and I found a shop to bring the car into and then the folks there at the restaurant let me borrow a bucket and filled it with water so I could get some liquid in the radiator before driving it down to the shop. My parents followed me over and even though the cost was scary we had the radiator replaced because I wasn't left with many choices. My folks and I went to the park to let the kids play. It only took the shop 1 hour because they put two guys on it knowing that I was from out of town and that I had to get back on the road! I was highly impressed!! They found, got brought over the radiator and put 2 guys on it?! You just don't find places like that very often!

This was our last day out there in South Dakota before the wedding and I promised that we would go out to the lake that day so after I got my van back  we went back out to the park and rented a paddle boat. The lake was kind of icky (a lot more icky than I remember from my childhood)  but the kids had so much fun paddling the boat and we'd very carefully change places in it so we all took turns with two people peddling and one person sitting in the back. We went all over the lake for about half an hour and that really was enough time I think.

After the paddle boats I thought it'd be a good chance to go get some Ice Cream... never mind that we hadn't even had dinner yet!

It was a lovely wedding and then the kids played and we stayed at a room there where the wedding was held and then were planning to leave in the morning. I wanted to stick around long enough to have breakfast with my parents since the only time I see them is these rare occasions where there is either a funeral or a wedding in South Dakota. Well turns out one of the guys that farms some of my grandpa's land locked his keys in his car and then there was a fiasco so I did eventually get to have 'lunch' with my parents and then the kids and I left back on the road and stopped again in St. Joseph.
Here are some pictures I took at a rest stop in South Dakota though.

I probably looked pretty silly out there with my camera snapping pictures.

Okay I have to post this one! There are so many people that ney say Ethanol. I'm so glad to have a flex fuel van when I'm in areas with Ethanol!
Us stopped at a rest stop for lunch on the last day of the trip. We tried to take it slow and easy and not kill ourselves.
Katherine went off to Pokemon league this last Saturday for her very first Pre-Release event! She was so excited and Peter told me a very helpful gentleman helped her build a deck it was her first experience building and playing a deck instead of playing a pre-built deck.
Saturday night we went to a free event. It's normally Orchestra on the Lawn but there was a call for rain so they moved it inside of the college. It was 3 (or was it 4?) musical groups. They had even an operatic singer and a piano soloist. We packed sandwiches and chips and enjoyed our night listening to music.
I took Brielle to Jo-Ann's with me Saturday and we picked up some stuff to decorate her locker and then I got a white t-shirt and some fabric markers because Katherine has really been wanting to color on some clothes. Saturday Katherine started right into drawing and coloring her clothes. We printed out pictures and she traced over them and is making her shirt just how she wants.

That night we sat down as a family with japanese sodas and pizza ... and salad I was mean and made them have salad. We watched classic anime movies and enjoyed our family time. 

Monday we spent the day at Holiday World which is why I did not post that day. The weather report changed on us so we left about an hour late we were debating if we wanted to chance rain or not but Peter had already taken off of work and so had I and we wouldn't have another really good chance to go do it. We went off to the park and other than getting caught in a very large rain storm and being down hill so everyone's shoes got flooded we had a good time. The storm only messed up an hour or two really the rest of the time we got to go on rides and we got to do a lot of the water rides in the water park area because so many people had been scared off. Normally we never attempt these rides because of the lines because we aren't going to wait an hour and a half for a ride but other than one ride really (which was due to them not having enough floats and having malfunctions that popped floats) we didn't long lines at all. I'd have to say one of the biggest things was that we got to go on the rides together as a family! So many rides have a total weight limit of 600 lbs and had Peter and I not been dieting this year we wouldn't have made it! Peter and I high fived each other several times that day as the scales let us ride as a family!

Well there is a brief overview of the last couple weeks. Last week was just busy during the week due to all the different school events. There was STEM club for 4-H also but they held it at 1:30 in the afternoon so kind of impossible since I was at work.

Kids go back to school tomorrow! I'm hoping for the best school year ever!