Monday, September 10, 2012

A Blessing in Disguise

For those that have been reading this for awhile or to those people who know me then they'd understand my obsession with coupons and trying to get every good deal out there. I used to have the hook up for news papers but because of my friend getting a second job and a bit of a falling out with others in the group my newspaper addiction is no longer being fed well not really a newspaper addiction I just wanted the coupons!

Going through the menu I made for the month, which this is a new one for me, I ended up picking up nearly everything at the start of the month to the tune of $166 and some stuff will carry over to next month but not a whole lot. Now normally I'd be stressing out about not having coupons but I realized I was over stocked on many things that I did not need at this time. Yes, they would eventually be used but for now they'd just be taking up space in my house. Without coupons I'm not looking at all the sales and thinking of various ways to stock up and seeing how rarely is anything free while I was stretching my dollar I was still using extra money at this time. I'm going to look at the no coupon thing as a blessing and try to stay within budget instead of failing horribly but having a years worth of rice-a-roni in my cabinet. :)

As for other news things have been hectic around here. We first had the bathroom problems so we did the remodeling and then we had the bed bugs so we had to have the house treated... we're up to $4000 on those two items not counting all the little added things (like the heat treatment for the bugs melted my blinds!) and then we had our central A/C unit go out and had to have the whole thing replaced due to age that was $3500 so we are up to 7500... keeping track? Then come to find out we have no insulation in our walls! We haven't gotten the quote back on that but to try and work on the cooling (and soon heating) problems we are looking at having the windows replaced the quote came back for that at about $3500 so now we are at $10,500 since the end of May. Needless to say our savings took a hit but to make sure that we could cover an emergency we took out a loan and are looking at taking out a second loan. To top this all out Brielle starts seeing an orthodontist this month so we will have to see how much our insurance will cover.

It has needless to say been a rough and stressful few months with rising energy costs, disasters on the home front and work for myself and Peter being hectic I am looking forward to this fall for some relief to the pocket book and this winter for us to have the perfect excuse to stay inside and snuggle up together as a family with hot cocoa and movies. I'm looking forward to holidays with my family (and maybe my parents I'm still trying to convince them) and with my friends and over all trying to stay hopeful that these storms in our life shall pass soon.

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