Monday, May 6, 2013

April Wrap Up, Current Events and Busy Monday

Well it's Monday and I realize I didn't hold true enough to getting back onto my blogging kick! Eep!
Our door to the underside of the house. It's to help the fairies keep our A/C running this year.
Things have kept pretty busy at the Sims household and I really am looking forward to some down time. 
Spring has sprung though so that doesn't allow for a lot of down time.
A plant I put in last year that never bloomed for me has decided to just be the prettiest thing this year!

Bulbs blooming... wait I thought those were suppose to be pink...

Momma bird the babies are so cute!

With spring has come gardening but the weather has been all over the place! I feel like our central unit needs a toggle switch on it! Some days we are hitting 80's and other days like today we'll be lucky to see mid-60's. I'm getting tired of the weather not making up its mind.

Spring also means spring dance. This year's theme was like a night in the tropics or something so I glued a bunch of dollar store flowers to clips and did Brielle's hair up like she asked. I thought it was silly as heck but she loved it.

I got the parts in for my pressure cooker but in attempts to figure the blasted thing out I realized that my jigglier doesn't jiggle it's fixed in place. I looked this up and apparently it's common for Mirro but I have no clue how to read the darn blasted thing! Still doing research and getting a hold of the lady at the extension service has been heck! I've about given up after 3 weeks of calling and leaving messages.

I also got myself an early Mother's Day present.

 And what is the first thing I do with it?
Mind you they turned out like banana chewies I couldn't get them to 100% dehydrate *sighs* And they were too sweet! I heard they need to be just starting to spot and I had some that were and I wasn't going to touch them. I like mine darn near green.

You may recall I mentioned a friend of mine had a mild heart attack and was going in for surgery around her heart? Well the surgery went well though lots of horror stories and the poor dear is still having problems getting around because of how they did the surgery but she is okay and that is what matters!
For the day of the surgery I took off work to watch her youngest.

And mommy was always worried her little one wouldn't be able to sleep anywhere but at home but see I'm an old pro at this. Awww almost makes you want to have another one. Almost....

That's just the activities hasn't really spoken to home life.

The girls had a wonderful time in swim lessons every Tuesday and Thursday. They really wanted to go back to swim lessons and since some drama has happened (trust me you are better off not knowing how my in-laws are) we've decided to go ahead and sign them back up for swim lessons so I will go down to the Y today and see if I can do that.

Brielle's glasses broke.... again... they broke last month too and I had to use the warranty.

Peter has been working a lot of weekends and a lot of sudden later nights so it's made things a little hard. Things are about to get harder though. They will be working every weekend until sometime in June (for the most part weekend off here or there if lucky) and starting at the end of the month he starts going on to 12 hr shifts as they try to get the hospital ready for the go live date.
Because of all of this we ate out more than we should have and that dramatically hurt the food budget.
April grocery and household spending came to a grand total of $690.26. Nearly half of that was just in eating out. Mind you we made more money this month too because on top of all this extra time Peter has been working side jobs too so there were several times he said, "Don't worry about it I just got paid" but instead of paying with cash it was just instinctive to pull out his credit card.

Counting today there are 12 school days left! That's it!
Then the girls will start summer camp and then in June we are going to South Dakota for my cousin's wedding and then staying a week up there with my grandfather and my parents who are driving in from Oregon and then the girls will be going to Oregon with my parents! My parents are so excited! My dad hasn't been able to seen the grandchildren in around 5 or 6 years. My mom has seen them more recently than that but not by much. There are all sorts of plans to take the girls camping and fishing and to see the sights so  I'm excited for my girls and the great chance they get this summer.

It's a very strange year though. Because of the new hospital Peter and I don't get to celebrate our anniversary together, we may not get our family trip to Holiday World this year (still trying to work that out) and we aren't going to have our family trip to the beach instead I'm spending my vacation for this trip to South Dakota which I haven't decided if I can drive it or not. I'm having to work this out with my work schedule so that makes things difficult. Sounds so petty but it really has me bummed. It's hard when you work and you work and you work and the little bit of family down time you normally have is gone. It can be disheartening.

Well I think that's about it. Time to get ready for a month of groceries.... did I mention I was so out of it last week that I didn't go grocery shopping other than for milk? Yup so I've got my work cut out for me, plus going to the Y and getting Brie's glasses taken care of. I hope that short list doesn't take too long I'd like to get onto the house! 

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