Sunday, June 9, 2013

The last few days

Well my hope is one of these days I'll be back to a normal schedule but for now that isn't going to happen. Last week I worked all last week and on top of it I didn't have a meal plan so I ended up at the grocery store every day! Did I also mention my budget exploded... yeah I did the finances. We were just barely under $800! With my husband working so much he ate out constantly... If I did mention it well then I'm still reeling from it.

Thursday, I took a pretty good fall trying to rush a paper to an engineer so I could get out of work and my foot didn't lift high enough and I fell up the stairs my hand slamming into the guardrail and then my chin following after it. I hurt pretty bad for a few days.

Brielle getting the rosemary ready. 

Thursday also though Brielle and I made rosemary jelly! It was our first time making jelly and my pot wasn't big enough and we lost a bunch of it as it boiled over and I'm yelling at Brielle, "Get a bigger pot!" As I'm holding up this boiling over, foaming pot of hot death. Huge mess on my stove but we continued!

Rosemary Jelly

Later that evening when I had both the girls we made Strawberry Bread. The girls had fun mixing the ingredients and I got to show Brielle how to use shortening and flour on a pan. Katherine got to learn how to fold the liquid and powder (plus strawberries) together so that the bread was well mixed but not over mixed. 

Peter's parents came in town and Saturday morning they took the girls for awhile and Peter had to work so I cleaned house! I also made the frosting for the bread which I was a little iffy on when I read the ingredients but with the girls gone I found myself licking the beaters clean! YUM! Love cream cheese frosting. 

So Saturday night we went to Peter's Aunt Ann's house to have mutton and I brought a loaf of strawberry bread. I wasn't the biggest fan of it. I think it needed more strawberries personally but 3/4th of the loaf was gone by time we left and people kept going back for more. At first they'd slice off a paper thin piece and then end up coming back to take a much bigger piece so I think overall it did well! 

So here it is Sunday with no kids. 11 am and I am still sipping my coffee and pretty much just relaxing and Peter finally has a day off after 13 days straight! We were talking about going to the movies but we are quickly finding out by time we get out to the movie theater the movies we want to see are almost out of the theater therefore not 3D (which is fine in my book) or not in the theater at all! But when you are talking a $15 for two people for a matinee just to walk in the door it is no wonder we don't go out to the movies very often. 

Hope everyone is having a good weekend. 


  1. Oh goodness, I hope you are okay after that fall! We fall into the eating out (or eating junky non-foods) trap when my husband works a lot as well and don't worry I've BTDT on the every day at the store thing. What recipe did you use for your strawberry bread? I wasn't a huge fan the time I made some using a recipe I found somewhere on-line. Of course, I didn't frost mine. I prefer to just add strawberries to banana bread and have strawberry-banana bread (and if you throw in some chocolate chips,all the better ;) Hope you have a more relaxing week ahead of you.

    1. Well it was just my husband eating out but his co-workers kept picking the most expensive restaurants in town for lunch. The rest of us ate at home for the majority of it which is why it was such a shock. I knew he was going out more but didn't realize he completely had stopped taking lunches. I got up this morning and walked in the kitchen and again even with his schedule back to normal he's stopped taking his lunches. I've got loaves of bread I'm going ot have to put in the freezer before they go bad and I need to check 2 lbs of lunch meat I think they have spoiled by now. I believe there is a fight in our future.

      The recipe I used reminded me a lot of zucchini bread for how the recipe was put together (never made banana bread so might be the same concept there too). The frosting made it though for me but I love a good cream cheese frosting. I'll have to post up the recipe later.