Monday, July 22, 2013

4th of July Mini-Vacation

 Yup, I know I'm behind on posting again. Sorry! Seriously I'll get my act together once the kids get home but that's a different story. Think I'll split stuff into two blogs this one for 4th of July and the next about what's been going on otherwise.

On the 3rd of July Peter and I decided to go to Panther Creek to watch the fireworks display even though the girls weren't with us. It sounds odd but that park does it a day early. On the 4th the city had canceled it's fireworks due to threat of rain so I was doubly happy about having decided to go to Panther Creek. On the 4th we went to a friends place out on the river where he had a big firework show and a potluck. I brought my chocolate-peanut butter pudding pie and it went over well. And I got to learn how to play corn hole. It felt wonderful that night more like Fall than July.

We took it easy the next day and then Saturday we took a bit of a long drive out to the Renaissance Festival. The jousting was great though it was funny because most of the day it was raining off and on I guess they decided that a couple of the horses should go out on the field  so our knight (seen below) was on foot. They were all tremendously funny.

There were singers of Peter's People in the dining hall. Pirate songs. I'm surprised he didn't buy a CD.

 And then a couple of fools up on stage.

There was a maypole that people did. I kind of wish I got in on it but my anxiety was at an all time high as I was getting used to the new surroundings. It was a very sad looking maypole when they got 'done' with it.

We got back in town after a day at the Renaissance Festival and went out for a nice dinner. For the life of me I can't remember what we did Sunday but that's okay.

So that was our 4 day mini-vacation since the kiddos have been gone this summer Pete and I haven't taken nearly as much true down time as we probably should have.
Well I've got to get to work I'll try and force myself to sit down and write again about my adventures in blackberrys and the family situation.

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  1. Glad you were able to sneak in a little mini-vacation of sorts. Better take that extra downtime while you can!