Sunday, July 16, 2017

Catching Things Up

So I figured I'm long overdue for a post. There has been a lot going on over here so I'm going to just probably gloss over a lot because I've forgotten more than I can even think of.

At my last post update the kids were still in school and we were dealing with pretty normal stress. Since then... Oh boy...

Well my daughter started letting her boyfriend into the house during the middle of the night... yup new locks, security stuff, police, phone calls and well I think I'm still the most hated mother as I am forcefully removing this person from the picture. I can't help my daughter has no common sense but this boy oh jeeze piece of work his family no better. LONG story with lots of boo hoo wooh is me... Yeah don't care.

Then my grandfather died right before OMGcon. So I made arrangements to go to his funeral later that week which was going to be a long drive but we were in still full gear trying to get costuming for the kids done for OMGcon. Of course the costume I was sewing my daughter never got a picture in instead got a picture in her silly sheet ghost one on a different day.
Anyways why was I at OMGcon and not at my Grandpa's funeral? Well my husband was cutting on some plastic and stupidly was forcing the exacto knife towards him and tried to remove his finger he succeeded in having a large flap of a fingertip aka we were at the emergency room all night and I stayed home to help take care of him. I late find out that while I wasn't there my uncle while talking with the lawyer and settling the estate with my other uncle and mother decided he wanted to try and push to sue me to pay me back for gifts my grandfather sent 8 years ago. No joke. It's amazing what you find out about family but my mom and other uncle quickly put a stop to that.

So after all this life moves on I decide now is the time to get the floors in the kitchen and living room redone and redo the kitchen so I can have a built in dishwasher this was back on June 16th. Well the floor was a disaster so of course I complained and the contractor took me for $1700 not counting materials so he quit. So there we are with a floor not properly done and NO kitchen as in everything was ripped out. Thankfully we were able to get another guy in because it's good to know people and it's good to know good people that while they are tired and over worked they won't leave people in a bind.
Oh yeah our floor was bad. I mean really bad! It would have been destroyed by this winter because it was not properly installed. We are trying to proceed in recovering from that. If you want to see some of the videos (my husband has the rest because some of the times my phone was dead) I will post the links down below.
So here we are in the middle of July and I finally have a house back. We just got furniture back in the house Saturday and we're starting to try and unpack and move back in which has turned into a long process.

Oh I also took over being 4-H STEM leader because no one else stepped up. It hasn't been the most positive experience before but hopefully that will change.

On a positive note Peter and I did get to go see Jeff Dunham last week so that was a lot of fun and we really needed some time to laugh and destress.

Hmm other stuff. Magic the Gathering had another pre-release so pretty much everyone but Katherine has put in several hours working at the gaming shop last week to try and get store credit to feed the addiction of card games and board games.

When The Contractor Quit
Day 1 Start
Day 1 Pulling Floor Up Kitchen
Day 1 Floor Going Down Kitchen
Day 2 Work
Kitchen Work
Kitchen Done
Living Room Done

Okay so what's planned for Monday? Well move moving stuff in. Brielle needs to babysit. Both kids have to get their acts in gear to finish stuff to turn in for the fair Tuesday. They also want to can salsa so we will just see where we get.
I have an appointment for B-12 shot too.

Rest of the week? Work mostly. Brielle is volunteering down at 4-H taking fair entries Tuesday. Weekend we have some birthday parties to go to.

That's stuff in a nutshell. We cannot thank our friends enough with offer of food, help with labor, help with moving us back in... just with everything even just being emotional support. I'm sorry I haven't been posting but that's life.

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