Friday, October 14, 2011

Busy busy! Zoo, Work, Fall Break....

Well I didn't make my normal posts Sunday on FB for 'A Budget You Can Live With' (I really should have came up with a shorter name I'll call it ABYCLW... anyone else get Abby Claw out of that? Okay okay I'll call it 'FB Budget page' more natural to type). I was going to take the kids to the Great Pumpkin Festival but when we added it all up it would have cost us about $60 to go to the farm with the kids and with us having the Louisville Zoo planned for Monday it just didn't seem like the best idea. Instead of pouring through ads all day Sunday I made my best guess meal plan and grocery list up at about 1 AM Sunday before going to bed, just long enough to look through the grocery ad. So Sunday I had to do my running, which is a bad idea since the places I shop stock on Mondays so the stores were cleared out of nearly everything I wanted which I guess is good because they had the items I absolutely needed so brought down the cost of my trip some.
This week Peter took off for vacation so he could be home with the kids during Fall Break, that and he really needed some time away from work.
Monday we went as a family to the Louisville Zoo because we had 2 tickets we had purchased at a benefit the prior year but buying 2 more tickets was outrageously priced. We got to the zoo about an hour after opening and had to rush through a good part of it because the zoo closes so early there thank goodness we didn't pay the extra for the 4D movie or carousel. The Outback area was closed that day as were the Lorries and when we went to go feed the Giraffe it just happened the girls got their containers of food and the giraffe was no longer hungry and walked away. We got our money back of course but it was a disappointment, but the girls were good and we all understood and we continued on our way. During the middle of the day we stopped for some food and something to drink because we didn't know we could have brought our own in there and that was a mistake. Peter and I have never in our lives seen such horrible prices for not so good food and not enough seating. We wanted to have a good time so we paid it and tried not to say a thing about it. The other mistake we made was going to the gift shop because you know you're going to walk out with about $30 or more of junk but I got my traditional coffee cup, Brielle got a shirt and Katherine got a stuffed baby tiger toy; Peter was the only restrained one in there and decided not to pick anything up. The girls fell asleep on the car ride home and they had a good trip and I guess that's all that matters because Peter and I are trying to make their childhood really something to look back on and smile about.

As I said above Peter's been home with the kids all week so they've been doing a bit of the cleaning up I've requested and he's been letting them color and go outside and actually play. He's also been doing the dishes for me and trying to help by cooking dinner though I know it still irritates him my ass still keeps being found in the kitchen. I'm not used to someone doing for me or helping me though I'm starting to get used to it right at the end when this little faerie tale is about done and now I'll have to program myself back into super mom.

I've been beating my head over work this past week too so been coming home extremely tired. Some nights I can't even find the will to work on my crocheting. I can't wait for a vacation myself but it'll be December before I have any real time off because the time off in November I'm cooking like a mad woman for Thanksgiving.

I hope next week is a little easier on me at work.

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