Friday, October 7, 2011

Product Review Overview

So I've gotten a lot of trials lately and a few good deals on products so I thought I'd give my own opinion on them.

Swiffer 360 Duster
The Swiffer duster is made from soft fabric so it does collect the dust and I did not see a lot of dust going back into the air. It has it's main frame as a thin design so the entire duster is good for dusting around TVs and getting under and around other electronics. One of the down sides is if you have a lot of nick-knacks like I do that you may find the soft fabric to get caught (especially since I have quite a few dragons and their scales are detailed) and if the item is light it may cause the duster to come back towards you or it may catch the fabric and take the duster straight off the wand. I have not looked in this area but prices are being reported as $8 per box of 6 refills. Personally I find the price steep. I may pick up a box of refills to make dusting door frames easier but for any heavy dust items like ceiling fans it will still be the old rag method for me.

Breathe Right 'Advanced'
The new Breathe Right strips are split down by the nasal passage which made them very awkward for him to put on and sadly our experience so far is that they do not help any at all. Personally I will go for the original design when getting his nasal strips.

Suave Dry Shampoo
Now we take regular showers in this house hold but Brielle has very oily hair so by the morning her hair looks greasy and shiny again. I use this dry shampoo and while it doesn't really help remove any of the grease it does take down the shine and give her hair a more dry look to it. I could definitely live without this product but if I find it at a good price I would still purchase it for her. Kind of a mix review but I guess I'm not sure what I was suppose to experience with this product.

Oregon Chai
I got this with a coupon and so far have loved the Original liquid concentrate. You mix half that with half milk and warm or cold I cannot say enough about this product. Every one's tastes are different though but for me I found my new favorite thing.

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