Friday, May 11, 2012

Busy Bee and Hard Mistakes

I've been pretty busy these days with work and with home life. The school year is quickly coming to an end and I've been rushing around making sure that childcare was in order and trying to get the household switched over to the Summer. Though truthfully I still have a lot of coats to wash and get put up for the next few months. It seems I'm getting to all the odd tasks I've put on my 'To Do List' and haven't been taking care of the basics. My sewing pile is over flowing and there are so many clothes to go through for the girls to filter out the items that need to be tossed or given away. I will eventually get to it but I'm also having a hard time just keeping up with the garden since I've been sleeping poorly for awhile and I've even stopped my diet and couponing! Eep! Trying to get back into the swing of my diet and coupons but once you stop it seems so hard to start again.

Recently I made a big mistake and really what it boiled down to is I don't know how to tell people 'no' and I want to make people happy and like me. This because extremely bad when a high pressure sales person shows up to your home and gets all chummy. This past Monday I ended up with a security system of all things! Seriously I don't need one! Thankfully I came to my senses fast enough for us to cancel the service but not fast enough to avoid all the holes now in my walls! So now I'm taking things one room at a time. A couple weeks ago I patched the holes in the Girls' bathroom and this week I painted it (it's REALLY pink! All I could see when I left the room was a green tint on everything it had messed up my eyes it was so pink!) and next I'll move onto the hallway since I just need to sand down the area I've patched before I can paint it. By that time I'm hoping that they have uninstalled the security system and I'll have to go room by room to patch and paint which makes me really upset since they installed a huge panel in the kitchen where I did not want it anyways and now I'll have to figure out a new color for my kitchen, dinning room and utility area since they are all connected! I really liked my kitchen the way it was so I'm really sad that I got so stupid.

I ended up putting up a sign that reads "Solicitation Will Be Met With Deadly Force" and when asked about it I always say I'll shank the next person that tries to sell me something (well other than kids selling candy bars and cookies... must have my sweets!).

I have lots events coming up for the kids this next week since it is the last full week. It also means I have just this weekend and next weekend to get all the camping supplies out and I have some items that I need to sew, others I need to seal up and still others I need to pray I find all the pieces for. This is the most disorganized I've been before our annual trip so I hope I get my rear in high gear here soon.

I'll try to post more often again... but then again I've said that many times before but I'll still try :) Well that's the end of that break at work :)

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