Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Summer Is Here

Summer is Here

This year's summer started off in March! All my facebook friends have probably gotten sick hearing me complain about my garden and the heat but truth be told it has thrown my whole year off so far. It was horrifically hot on our annual camping trip to Mammoth Caves but we made it through!
This past weekend I had a water day and invited everyone to come out and enjoy cooling off. We had a huge water balloon fight with over 300! balloons and the kids challenged the adults to a war! There were water guns and even the adults got in our little pool. I think by the end of it most of the kids were pretty tuckered out. 

The Friday before Water day we had some of my girls little friends over and we played with sparklers and pop-its. It was a busy weekend! 

 Summer Treats!
What I did today!

So the big thing around the Sims household right now is frozen yogurt pops! I've been wanting a healthy alternative to desserts that wasn't just frozen kool-aid and I think I found it (though not always the healthiest. So I've made banana pops and pineapple pops but this time it was peach!
I had 4 peaches that were starting to go real soft so I got them peeled (above) and then blended them smooth. I then added 2 cups of vanilla yogurt and blended it then tasted. I added 1/4 cup sugar to this mix but you can experiment and find your perfect amount because sometimes kids like to complain about that slight tartness peaches naturally have and the sugar helps tone that down but it is yummy in my opinion even without the sugar. Pour, freeze, serve! Pretty easy!

I assure you there is even plenty left over for you to have a guilty treat yourself! Go ahead you earned it!

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