Friday, July 20, 2012

Fun, Chaos and Embarrassment

The family went on our yearly vacation out to the North Carolina beach this year but before that the chaos had started. Let me first go over the highlights of the good stuff before diving into what has been hell.

 This is the Currituck Lighthouse.
Peter and I love climbing lighthouses and can't wait until the girls get a little bit older and we can have them start climbing them with us. It had its charm to be sure.

Peter and I then went on the short walk and saw deer and other wildlife that live on the outer banks and just generally enjoyed being able to spend some time together.

On the last day of our trip we took the kids to the Wright Brothers National Museum and I wish I would have thought of going there sooner because there are always so many Ranger led activities. Anytime to plan to make a trip near a National Park find out what they are offering for the kids!

Both of the children became honorary Park Rangers and took an oath. There was a lot of hard questions we had to go around the Museum and even all the way up to the monument on a very hot day. It was worth it though but we we were all grateful for the water fountain after.

To wrap up our trip Peter and I left the kids with the grandparents and took a night walk on the beach and then up onto the pier and sat down and just looked out into the pure blackness that was the sea and the sky though there was no telling which one was which. 

We spent every day down on the beach for some amount of time as I had made that my goal this year. This is a picture with my kids and my nephew and niece who I also took down with us one day. 
We also went down to the beach to watch the fireworks for the 4th of July although parking was horrible and we drove up and down the street trying to find a spot and ended up in an old shut down restaurant parking lot about half a mile away from where we dropped everyone off the show was definitely worth it. 

That was our summer vacation for 2012. 

What did we leave before we went on vacation... oh well that's where things get messy. 
I had floor damage in my bathroom so we decided to remodel. We are only now almost done tomorrow the trim goes up on the tub, we need to change the piping on the tub faucet and need to re-level the toilet but truthfully for what we've been through that's not much. 

The new floor got down before we left and we had glued up the sides of the shower but this was by no means a little job and it ended up being a big pain. We had to do the piping 4 times! And we had no water for 5 days in the house. By the way PEX does not work with pipe glue did you know that? We do now.
 Over all this turned out to be $1000 project but we have paid for some labor to be done just because Peter and I are so limited with time and sometimes the willpower to get things done.

This is our new bathroom:
Toliet is back and fresh coat of paint with the new floor.
 I was able to find a light set up like my old one so I just had to change the face plate. Nothing is yet on the walls here though that has changed now. We also changed the faucet.

Our new bathtub surround and faucet. 

I'm happy with my new bathroom. 

Now on to the Embarrassment part. 
Right before we left on vacation we found a bed bug! Now a friend of ours had had bed bugs but we had thought everyone was taking all the precautions not to spread them so before we left we tore the house apart and started spraying. When we got home from vacation we found yet another bed bug. In the end we found six of these bugs around our house and it was enough to prompt us to get pest control out here. On the 27th we will be heating up the house to 140 degrees or I should say the pest control service will so we are currently in the process of tearing apart the house once more to unclutter it, throw things away and to collect everything that may melt or explode or catch fire while the house is brought up to temp and kept there. We will not be able to return to our home for 8 hours and even then they warned us it may still be unbearably hot. It is hard to admit these bugs got into my home because while I'm disorganized I do try to keep things clean but the truth is it doesn't matter how clean or dirty you live they will like your blood no matter what. It has taken a chunk of our emergency fund and we no longer associate with that particular friend but I am just looking towards the future and us finally being able to get our lives back. 

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