Monday, July 30, 2012

Normalcy Recovering

Last Friday we went through the heat treatment on the home and there were some causalities. I had forgotten to take out the plants so I called and asked them to remove the plants but all they grabbed was my parsley and forgot Katherine's cacti so two of them died though one survived so now I'm on a hunt to replace them exactly. The blinds in the kids rooms warped though are still usable but the blinds in my room will have to be replaced and our vertical blinds in the living room warped so we will have to have those replaced. The plants in the front yard near where they brought in the tubes were nearly burnt to a crisp those plants included were my sage, lavender and my mum. I'm waiting to see what happens to those plants and not doing any trimming because it appears about half of each plant was okay so I'm hoping they recover. And we had one picture fall breaking the frame glass but the picture was fine other then being slightly crinkled in a couple places.

Today was pretty much a bust for me. I took the kids to Summer Camp and then got the grocery shopping done and started unpacking a few boxes of the items we could not heat treat (chemicals, make up and medicines mostly) and then had lunch with Peter. Our eat out budget has completely been blown apart with everything going on it was just too much hassle to attempt to cook. I then took a nap expecting about my normal 20 min but slept for 2 hours! Peter said I needed the sleep because we've been so busy over the last couple weeks that no one has rested well. I got the kids this evening and then took them out for new shoes for school which I found out Brielle went up 2 shoe sizes this summer! I had no idea because she never complained about her shoes being tight but I did notice she walked in them funny and they had been torn up pretty good so it was time. I let the girls pick out one new outfit for school they have lots of clothes but going to school in a brand new outfit is always a nice way to start off the school year. When I got home we made breakfast for dinner and the girls decided it was pancakes this time instead of biscuits with gravy. I was able to get the dishes done and clean the stove and almost have caught up on washing the laundry but haven't even attempted folding it all yet as I settled down to a couple shows with Peter.

We had planned a trip to Holiday World next Monday as a way to go have some fun before school started but it looks like it will be moved to next Tuesday instead because I was going through my date planner and realized I had both the girls down for eye exams next Monday.

This Thursday I take both kids down to their registrations at their schools to get schedules and meet their teachers. I'm sure I will be ran ragged because I can't take the day off and the registration times over lap horribly so I'll be running from one place to another with them.

In all this fuss I haven't been able to practice my belly dancing and we will be having our last class of this session and I really liked this routine so I'm sad to see this session end. The sad thing is is that out of 8 classes I was only able to attend 5 of them thankfully though I can save up unused classes and I'll use them for the next session.

In the end I just have to wonder how all these super moms do it with working 40+ hrs a week and here I am working half of that and I still can't seem to find my sanity. I'm going to try and stick with this weeks menu the best I can because we need to cut down on our eating out again and work on eating at home and saving money again.

It is hard to put yourself back in the mind frame of not having much after taking the financial hit that the heat treatment caused us but I know we can pull through it. We have a little savings left so we can rebuild and if push comes to shove we do have a line of credit open that we have never used because we would rather pay with cash up front than worry about high interest rates and a new bill hanging over our heads.

Lately I've been dealing with my van it sounds like I need to get the A/C looked at it again though the last time it cost quite a bit of money so I'm holding off and all this heat has caused the headliner by the windshield to separate from the roof so I've been having to use adhesive spray but it was so hot that even that separated the first time I did it. I'm hoping this time it doesn't come apart again.

Eventually things will get back to normal and I know after the treatment Peter's stress has dropped but I also know I have a lot of work still left to do and once I get caught up it'll be about time to start another project around the house.

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