Wednesday, August 8, 2012

My Skin Has Thickened to Stress

So let's run through this...
Monday was Holiday Camp but the YMCA didn't tell me they moved the camp to another location other than at the YMCA where it is normally at so I drove up and down the road after getting very vague directions for 30 minutes before finding the location. After work I went and got groceries and got my free rental from Redbox and then picked up both of the girls to take them down for their appointments to have their eyes checked. I got Brielle's prescription and the good news her eyes have gotten better and Katherine still has great sight. The girls got into their appointment 30 minutes late because they were so busy at the doctors office. We went to EyeMart because normally we can have the glasses ready the same day but because it was so late and they were so busy the glasses wouldn't be ready until Tuesday. When we got home from EyeMart it came to light that Katherine had left her YMCA bag at the center so by time I got down there everyone had already left and some very nice ladies there tried to find the bag inside for me but they were unable to. Okay well Katherine has another swimsuit. Tuesday morning we were getting ready for Holiday world and I started getting ill Monday night but Tuesday since everyone took off of work and it was the last day of of Summer Break we still went. Getting the bag ready to go to Holiday World Brielle then brings to light that she also left her bag at the Holiday Camp so I had to drive down there to pick up the bags before we could head out to Holiday World. We had a good time though I was pretty out of it and was constantly in fear of losing my stomach but everyone else seemed to really enjoy themselves so it was a good day. We left the park early to go pick up Brielle's glasses and then pick up dinner and get home so the kids could get through showers and I could pack backpacks.
Today my voice is gone, I'm pretty dazed and I took the day off of work. As Peter put it, "You have sick leave for a reason and you sound horrible." I don't like using my sick leave if I can help it because I feel guilty but it is probably best I try to rest. I almost went outside and started working but that kind of defeats staying home sick.

Today we got out to the bus without a problem and the girls were really very excited to start school again.

In other news I am trying to deplug some from Facebook I was posting about too much of my life and apparently some people didn't realize my humor. Also, Peter is turning off cable TV today so we can save money. This past weekend our central air system died and we were told that because of the age of it and due to how it died they could not repair it or replace it in kind so we are having to have a whole new system put in. I'm trying to make some big cuts in our grocery budget, cut out how much we are eating out because it got bad this past month with everything that has been going on. We reused a lot of school supplies that were still in good condition from last year. It is going to take some time to try and rebuild our stability and I have found out that my skin has thickened to all this stress because more than once I said I was going to break and I was so ready to break down and start crying yet the tears haven't come yet. The more I go through the stronger I get I guess. 

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