Monday, October 8, 2012

Fall Break

Fall weather is upon us along with Fall Break so I found this really cute idea for a crochet ghost necklace. I mean how hard could that be right? Well as far as project time goes it didn't take that long but the frustration level was extreme. Crocheting and I don't generally get along as much as I try with it. In the end what I got was this.

My husband said I should submit it to pinstrosity so I actually did submit it today LOL

Today was the first official day of Fall Break for the kids and as much as I would love to spend the week home with them unfortunately that is not possible I have to work. I thought my husband was going to take the week off but he opted not to so that left us with relying on my Mother-in-Law which I would have rathered not to do. As we may not see the kids until Sunday because next weekend we are having new windows put into the house I wanted to try and make the most out of today. I slept in real late, I had the girls help me fold clothes and we ate Mac & Cheese until we were so stuffed we thought we would pop. Next came the crafts.
I've been trying to come up with ideas for what to do for my annual crafting event that wasn't completely generic but today everything I tried either was going to be much too complex or didn't turn out at all.
First it was making leaves. I really liked how these turned out but they were so complex that I wouldn't do it with little hands and if it wasn't my children who are very used to doing art projects with me then I wouldn't have tried it even with older kids (Have you noticed they like to say 'I'm bored' a lot? Thankfully my girls don't do that very often and definitely not during a craft).
I think they came out really nice but again just very involved with the shredding of crayons (no I'm not joking) and all the clothes for projection of where I was ironing and what I was ironing with. Not young kid friendly!

So next I tried spreading some paint over some leaves to see if I could get the 'leaf' shape but it didn't help that the leaves Katherine kept bringing me were a bit crunchy and two my construction paper was old and I swear it has been sucking up the humidity in the air. After one picture was tried we completely gave up on it and the girls just went to painting pictures. So now I have a very decorated refrigerator.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Fall Break!

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