Sunday, October 21, 2012

The School Part 2

So I had been jumping down the schools throat and threatening to take this up to the Superintendent so the school this year has backed off and they did not slide the ADHD paper. They had mentioned her might needing to go into special education but her State scores came in and my 3rd grader is comprehending at a 5th grade level so they couldn't do that. In the end we spent an hour trying to discuss how to stop her from reading... yes stop because she enjoys books so much she'll rush through the class work and not read 'all' of the directions and then bury herself into a book. Problem is she's reading while teachers are instructing and reading when she is suppose to be getting her stuff for the next class. So yes we discussed for an hour how to stop the reading and now are promoting 'video game time' .... it sounds REALLY off but my girl loves video games too! but I can't help but to laugh.

If you're as boggled as I was just laugh for a moment and suddenly things seem awkwardly ok.

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