Monday, March 31, 2014

Busy Monday, March 31

Today's 'To-Do' List
  • Write this Blog
  • Groceries
  • Lunch with Peter
  • Return library movies
  • Get oil change in van
  • Dentist - I had a little spot on one of my front teeth that needs a filling. We've been watching that spot for 3 years now and it's just time for us to fill it. I've learned from my life that no matter what I will find a way for my children to see a dentist even in their 20's. I had a lot of hard, extremely poor years and my poor teeth saw the brunt of that but at least I still have them and I'm fighting to keep them. (Sorry little tangent there)
  • Then today also 2 different events:
    • Leadership Notebook: Where everyone in the elementary school shows up during the same hours and shows their parents their notebook and this is when you pick up grades. I'm not kidding they didn't slot times! This is going to be a mad house! My husband has been so wonderfully kind as to accept this responsibility. 
    • The Middle School PTO meeting where it is the 'student showcase' and kids that have parents that show up with them get a pass for an extra 10 pts on a daily in class assignment. Brielle can use this since her Geometry dropped. She has a problem with perception (which is my strong point) but she's excited to be moving into Trig in the next chapter (ugh Trig! I hated Trig!!)
  • Eat Out - With Peter and I being split up and everything going on we're just going to eat out. I could have perhaps figured out some quick grab and go meal bit I decided the stress wasn't worth it. 
  • (Undetermined) *
  • Lloyd's Pulled Chicken Sandwiches & Chips - Yes, preprocessed food but I had purchased it on sale and Wednesday seemed the perfect day to use it. 
  • (Undetermined) *
  • Calzones - I asked the family to pick a recipe we haven't tried before. This was Peter's request is for me to hand make bread for calzones (well hand make is make the dough in the bread machine).
  • Okay before I go into this day let it be known that Saturday I tasked the children not only to decide on a meal but it had to be at very least a main course that we've never had before and here's the kicker... they are going to cook it!
    So here is the kids menu:
    • Main: Honey Cayenne Chicken Tenders
    •  Sides: Corn, Oranges, Sliced Peppers
    • Dessert: Chocolate Bread & Butter Pudding
  • Hormel Pre-Cooked Pot Roast, Mashed potatoes, Peas (yes, more pre-cooked food but it was on sale gosh dangit and I had a coupon!)
*This time it's on me since the girls and Peter both came up with a day this time now I'm just kind of blah on what I want to fit into these slots. 

This Week's 'To-Do' List

  • Wednesday I have to get Brielle to school by 7:15 so probably means leaving out the door around 7am! Ugh. She has an Orchestra trip where they are going around to different schools to show 5th Graders what they could do in Orchestra. 
  • Also, Wednesday I have a birthday luncheon with the ladies from work. We are celebrating mine that was earlier and then another ladies which is the 1st. Normally we'd separate it out but one of the ladies was out on funeral leave because her mother passed away and I thought putting things off would be a good thing and give the lady time to re-settle in at work after her leave. 
  • Then Wednesday we finish up the day with STEM club. I've been trying to get onto the kids about practicing with the Mindstorm programming and also they need to turn in their designs for their club T-Shirts.  -- I also need to get the information turned into the extension center for the 4-H Banquet. Peter and I would rather not go but we feel bad for always skipping school events and PTO events because we just don't want to do anything at work so we're going to try and push ourselves a little harder. 
  • Thursday, I take Brielle to school (I need to look up the exact time I shuffled the information packet away somewhere) and she leaves on an Orchestra trip far far away for the day to go see Izac Perlman perform. I'll be picking her back up at midnight! 
    • Goes into the song about 2:30 into it. Such a rare opportunity I'm glad we were able to fund this trip for her. 

  • And then Friday kiddos start their Spring Break and I think everything should be straightforward. Last Friday Katherine pulled some stuff at school basically she just was off in lala land and a bit too hyper so she didn't earn time with her friend so as long as Katherine does well this week then Friday we'll do the sleepover with her friend. 

Last Week

Have you seen this pin going around? 

Yup so I've started trying my own version. It's harder than they make it look but it is doable. 
I took a picture of a few of the flowers I've done but more are done and I've started working on the head band. No clue how it will turn out in the end for all my hard work but I hope the kids like it. I'd like to make 2 of them so that both the girls will have one but I think I'll be lucky to get 1 done by easter. 

I was inspired by Jean (So Not Organized) about finding the kitchen table again that I decided to work on finding mine. 

(hehe see my pickle jar? I like it. $1 for a bag of eggs and .50 for a bag of grass and poof decoration) 

The table is still cleared off but I don't expect it to last much longer. It never really lasts that long. 

So I alluded to it earlier this week when talking to people. Last Tuesday is officially called 'hiccup'. 
Here's how it all went down...
Tuesday morning I wake up and I notice daylight streaming through the window and I think to myself, "Boy the alarm hasn't gone off yet I wonder how much more time to sleep I have?" I roll over after much prodding at the cat which has decided to wedge itself in behind my back and I look at the clock. 7am!! The night before I had gone to bed earlier than my husband which rarely happens so I'm not used to being the one to turn on the alarm! So I fly out of bed and I run into the kids room and yell, "Get up, get up! We overslept!" The girls rushed to put on their clothes and then ran to get some breakfast. Needless to say my youngest had already missed the bus as her bus comes at 6:40am but my oldest had time since her bus comes around 7:25am. I drove my youngest, Katherine, into school. Tuesday was an interesting mess since I had to leave work early so that I could take Brielle to her dental appointment and then get her back to school which means the rest of the work week I was working longer hours to make up for lost time.
(Side note: Listening to the garbage truck right now realize my daughter didn't take out the trash last night from inside the house. *SMH* Oh well I guess we start the week with more trash in the trashcan.) 
Oh I didn't mention the dentist appointment for my oldest on Tuesday when I wrote out my schedule last week? It's because I didn't decide until Monday to move her appointment to before her Orthodontist appointment instead of after. 

Hmmm anything else? I think that's about it for the big stuff. I worked some more on the garden fencing but I ran out of staples and we worked some on spring cleaning Saturday since it was rainy but we still have a lot to do on that front. 

Oh and another happy thing. Now I've been around 202-205 lbs for awhile though when I started tracking 3 or 4 years ago I was around 194 lbs. Well I'm happy to say over the course of the last few months with some careful dieting and craziness from the doctors that I've lost weight! I still have a long ways to go but I'm getting there! 

Like I said. I have a long ways to go but Peter and I have been talking walks in the evening when the weather/temp permits and I've been opting for things like cucumber slices instead of munching on potato chips with the rest of the family. It's slow going but I'm getting there! This is the lightest I've been in probably 6 years. 

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  1. Congrats on the weight loss! I need to get back to tracking my stuff over on that site. I think your girls planned a great dinner! I want to come over that night :) I'm sitting here stalling on everything I need to do today including planning our meals (minus tonight as I did manage to throw a roast in the crockpot this morning). Hopefully, this week will go smoothly for you!