Monday, August 25, 2014

Busy Monday, August 25

Today's 'To-Do' List
  • Get kids to bus 6:40 & 7:15
  • Write this blog
  • Make menu
  • Lunch with Husband
  • Go through coupons
  • Grocery Shopping
  • Fill Fishtank (low on water - Probably will use the time to clean it up a little too)
  • Mow lawns
  • Catch up on Laundry
  • Pick-Up Katherine early from school to work on spelling words. -- I've really slacked off this week I knew Katherine had a packet due this Tuesday and it is followed by a spelling test Wednesday but I haven't worked at all on it. That's on me. I was good at keeping up on it the first couple days I knew about it last week and then I slacked off. It's going to take a little bit for this parent to get fully back into the school responsibility swing of things. 
  • 5th Grade Orientation for Katherine


  • Hormel Pot Roast, Mashed Potatoes & Gravy, Corn
  • Hamburger Helper & Green Beans
  • BBQ (Pork or Chicken) , baked beans, chips
  • Grilled Cheese & Tomato Soup
  • Chicken & Pasta & Peas
  • Pizza
  • Breaded Pork, Peas, Mashed Potatoes, Pan gravy

This Week's 'To-Do' List

  • Go to the gym
  •  Clean up around the house 
  • Mow
  • Take Katherine to the bank so she can cash her birthday checks. She feels rich LOL - God for little bits of money to feel like they were so huge again I'd almost pay for that feeling *glances over at the stack of bills* or how about just to have money again! :)  

Last Week

Well since my post was from last Tuesday I can skip Monday. Tuesday like I said was Katherine's 10th birthday! Oh jeeze she's getting so big I need another baby!
We went to Buffalo Wild Wings which is her favorite place to eat and she had a great time and our server was really friendly. 

Well remember the Gym thing? Yeah it didn't happen. I had planned to go to the Gym on Thursday but then I needed to babysit for a friend of mine because she had to go get someone from the hospital so that kind of ate up my evening. 

Friday is kind of a blur to me but I did get the oil changed in my car and I wandered around Walmart. I generally hate Walmart due to their stance on Unions and what they have done to keep them out of their business but I hate them less than I hate Hobby Lobby currently.... totally different rant I'll keep off of here. 
I found the Walmart on the otherside of town (which is quite the ways out of the way) has a lot of crafting items that the Walmart on my side of town doesn't offer. 

I ended up buying lots of little things there including some spray paint. 
I started playing around with that candy corn jar idea. It probably would have turned out fine if I had a better paint for the glass. Every time I picked up the glass my fingers would take paint away so from a distance it looks fine but don't exam it within 10 feet!

Friday night Peter went off to FNM, Friday Night Magic (a card game event he goes to every week), and so I spent the evening sewing trying to work on Katherine's costume. It's been a very slow process so far. 

Saturday was Katherine's Birthday Party! 
We had the party down at Ozone and some of her friends were unable to make it so the parents switched in and out... it was Laser Tag! Even I got into the mix! It was a lot of fun for everyone! 

After the birthday party it was so hot and a friend of ours has a pool so we wink winked and nudge nudged and head over there that evening. Pete and I remembered we had hamburger paddies in the chest freezer from our last cook out, I had a bunch of lettuce, onion and tomato that had to be used too! I had bags and bags of chips because I bought chips not realizing I had a ton of chips already at the house so we had plenty to go around! We had an impromptu grill out. I sent Peter out for some corn and my friend had beans and chicken and I remembered I had pulled pork from this past week I needed to have ate. It all came together rather well and we were able to feed lots of people!
The kids got to go swimming for awhile and then a storm moved in so we had to pull them out of the pool. I asked the girls the next day though and they said they still had a great time. 
We actually didn't end up leaving there until about 2am because Peter and I were playing cards with some of the people over there. 

Sunday I got into my fridge and finally pulled out the green beans I bought on clearance and canned up some Dilly Beans. 
I'll try to make a note for myself to write up the recipe. It's very easy and it's just a water bath needed for canning it so no uber expensive or special things. 

Earlier Sunday a friend of mine came over to borrow my dehydrator and also I told her she could take as much parley from the back as she wanted. While she was cutting parsley these little buggers were discovered. 

I did some searching online because we easily saw 8 to 10 of these on my curly leaf parsley and found out they will become Eastern Black Swallowtail Butterflies! I think that is so cool! 

And before that on Sunday I went through stacks and stacks of stuff and took pictures and posted prices on line trying to go that route instead of a garage sale because I have organizational time issues.
I'm probably missing stuff as I break down my week. I need more coffee and I really don't feel like facing the day but if I don't do it today it'll have to wait until next week. I hope everyone has a great week ahead of them. 

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