Friday, October 3, 2014

Halloween Bats

I've gone a little batty....

I take no credit for this pattern I actually got it from Country Living. I copied the image (Newer Windows 7 and up have 'Snipping Tool' just type into your search command and you should find it or you can use alt+Prt Scr and it will copy the page you are on so make sure the part you want is fully visible) and then I brought it over to MS Paint (use the 'paste' option if you used the alt+prt scr method) and then cropped the picture down because it was covered with text I didn't want to waste ink on.
Resize the drawing how ever you want. Personally I just saved the drawing to my desktop, right clicked and selected 'Print' which brought up a print screen with options for different sizes it can be printed at.
I cut out the pattern and then traced it onto cardstock. I found this card stock at Jo-Ann's on sale for 5 for $1 and I ended up only using 4 sheets.
I stuck mine up with glue dots that I found a package of 36 for $1 at the Dollar General. 

It's just pretty easy and really cheap but it is a little time consuming and my hands did get rather tired trying to clip around with the scissors especially on all the little ones. My littlest one woke up this morning and came out and stared at the wall and was just like 'wow' and very apparently happy with the result as I got informed I was awesome. 

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