Wednesday, January 21, 2015

So not Monday Post

... So it's Wednesday not Monday by time I got around to posting anything.

Little update I suppose. Yeah instead of posting the kids were off school so I made them help me in the yard. Plus we did some window shopping at the Dollar Tree. The Dollar Tree is way across town so in all the years it's been there this is only like my second time there. More on that in a bit.

So Friday I got off work early came home and started working on things... truth be told I can't remember what things I just remember being very busy and then Brielle got home and I had dinner in the crockpot and we started getting ready for Homecoming.

My little girl is growing up so much. When I mention to people about Homecoming they are like, "Wait a minute she's not that old...." and I have to remind them that she's 14!

Just so hard to believe!

Peter went to his card game Friday Night so I drove Brielle into her dance and then came back home with Katherine. She was a bit miffed but I told her she's only 10 and not allowed to stay home alone yet.... Truthfully I think she'd be fine but I'm over protective and I know it.

I asked Kat on the way home after dropping off Brielle what she wanted to do and it was decided we were going to turn on Pandora to some techno and have a dance party. Leave it to Katherine!

We later had some folks stop by so it put an end to her dance party but it was all good.

Brielle had fun at her dance too.

Saturday, I spent the day working on the yard. I raked and I used the leaf blower and I bagged.... about 3 or 4 hrs straight. I had Pete handle the kids because Brielle was going to a friends house for a birthday sleepover and then Katherine was going to a friends house for a sleepover. I just worked on the yard... lots and lots of work on the yard.
Saturday night Peter and I went out to play cards together and then hung out with some friends until midnight because we didn't have kids so we could.
Apparently I've been made maid of honor of my friends wedding next year... I'm wondering if she's joking or not.... *smh* So I've been buried in looking at wedding stuff thus the trip to the Dollar Tree Monday since things are going to be on a budget trying to get some good ideas while saving money.

Sunday, I worked on the yard again raking, bagging and just working my tail off for several hours. Peter went and got the kids back that afternoon.

Monday there was no school so yup back in the yard but I had the kids to help this time. Also we went to lunch with Peter, we did the window shopping at Dollar Tree which the kids had never been there so they were all over the place they loved it since things really are a dollar there unlike Dollar General or Family Dollar. I got groceries too... though I had to send Peter out for peas last night since I forgot to get some and I just realized this morning I don't have enough eggs for the week. Blah! It is what it is I suppose. I'm really trying to be careful about where my budget is now that we are out of the holidays since my budget went out the window pretty much December.

Anyways that is where I'm at. Probably won't see another update until next week.
STEM club got rescheduled so I don't have to do that tonight but last week we had that snow day so tomorrow I have Parent-Teacher conferences at the High School from 4pm-6pm and I'll be there that whole time sadly. This weekend is the first weekend without any scheduled plans we've had in a long time! So not sure what we are going to do it will be a total change of pace that's for sure.

Hope everyone has a great week.
I still hope to get some recipes up just I need a bit more free time... Okay or not make posts like this one. :)

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  1. If you are out of leaves to rake and bag, I have 2 yards over here for you. I watched our neighbor do that last weekend as well. Washing the car was my big project on Saturday instead of raking. I love the Dollar Tree! Not sure if it is a benefit or not of living in a larger metro area but (prepare to be jealous ;) lol) I have TWO Dollar Tree stores within 10 minutes of our home. They do have good deals (like my body wash) but you do need to pay attention to sizes if you get food there as some of those items aren't always a great deal. I do find great food deals there once in a while though like bread! I love their seasonal decor stuff as well. Hope you have a wonderful week!