Friday, March 20, 2015

Just Catching up.

So yeah. I've been feeling guilty for not checking in. My excuse for Monday? Well it was 78 degrees out and it was much too pretty to stay cooped up. I made phone calls to family instead, had lunch with my hubby and did a few needed things like groceries and such.

We had our first meal from the grill for this year and it was much needed! Food from the grill tastes different even than from the foreman and also brings with it different foods because come on now we all know brats from the grill are the best!

Sadly it has gotten cold again so what I got done outside and such looks to be it for a little while longer. First day of spring or not... speaking of which I should take some pictures all my daffodils are in bloom they're really pretty.

Last weekend was fun and I kind of celebrated my birthday the whole time. Friday I went out to drinks with some awesome ladies another one of them is a March baby too so we drank martinis and enjoyed some time out even though it was raining like cats and dogs. Saturday I dragged Peter all around gods green earth and Johanna and her Fiance showed up and wandered around with us and we had a good ol' time doing a lot of window shopping. I also bought a bunch of stuff to work on my garden with still trying to deter those evil squirrels. Now I just need time and a nice day to work on it.
Sunday was my birthday and truthfully I can't remember what I did during the day just that we went out for dinner as a family and then I came home and made laundry soap... it needed to be done birthday or not.

I've been heading out to the gym every day this week but I think I'm going to take today off due to the house falling so far behind. There really just are not enough hours in the day.

Saint Patties day isn't something we really celebrate too much but I do make corned beef but it's the only day a year I do it because Peter doesn't like it and apparently one day a year is long enough in between that the kids asked, "What's that?!"
I had to do it in the crock pot though so it was different. I had to go down to the school that day and talk with the advisor about Brielle's schedule which I haven't had a chance to talk to her again because she needed to see another advisor due to the fact her schedule is so funky that it is making things really hard.

Wednesday I threw crockpot chicken tacos in and then ran out the door for work and then after work I got down to the gym for just long enough to do my 2 miles then ran to the grocery store (well drove) and got cheese I forgot then zoomed over to get Kat & then home to get Brie & drop off the cheese then zoomed them off to 4-H STEM club where they made catapults.
They had a lot of fun shooting marshmallows across the room.

Thursday was my first day off from not running around so I spent some extra time at  the gym, as much as I hate the gym (and I really do I absolutely hate going I'm not one of those excited feel good people when I exercise) I know all this pudge isn't going to go away by itself.

Today it sounds like Peter is going to play cards which I hadn't 100% planned on so I may just pick up dinner for tonight.
I think I'm going to skip the gym today too and get home and work on the house.... Oh yeah Monday I had planned to do spring cleaning instead now I remember where I spent a chunk of my time... cleaning out my van.

Saturday at 5am I have to have Brie down to the High School so she needs to pack tonight she leaves Saturday at 5am for Chicago on a school trip and then will be home Sunday night.... I wonder if I should get her a disposable camera or something.
Also Saturday we arranged for Katherine to spend the night with a friend so Peter and I are going to play cards together down at the game shop and then after go stop by a friends house who is having a St. Patties party that night so we'll going to stop in and say hi is the plan.

Sunday Peter plans to play cards that night, that afternoon I'll be meeting the ladies for Bitch 'N Stitch and late that night Brielle gets back from Chicago.

That's pretty much what's been going on other than me being stressed out too because one of our engineers quit at work so it's thrown a lot of things into chaos so since my supervisor is out since he broke his leg and the contract engineer quit it means I don't have a 'supervisor' or someone to verify my work which means now I'm under the company presidents thumb which adds a whole new level or stress. Speaking of which I wanted to get a post out there so badly that now I'm running behind so I better scoot!

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