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So I have a lot of weeks to catch up on let's see if I can recap things.

So last I left you I mentioned there was a 4-H project that week and I didn't know what. Well the post was posted to the wrong Facebook page so I never did find out until we got there but thankfully they had extra fabric. The project was creating quilted squares and we'll be sewing them together with a backing to make a quilted pillow. Incidentally we'll be finishing that up today (5/26).

Schools so hard with all the testing so Katherine came home and climbed up in a tree one day and started reading.
 Was up really late one night (4/30) making California rolls for Brielle to take with her on her orchestra trip. It's kind of turned into a yearly tradition for this trip.
 5/2 - Free comic book day. The girls enjoyed getting comics and seeing all the people dressed up. They also tried out some new to them games.

The week of 5/4-10 I don't have a lot of excuses. The kids had a dental appt that week (there were also several Orthodontist appts made because a spring kept popping off Brielle's braces) and that weekend we had new gutters put on the house. Also, that weekend we went to the Barbecue Festival which is our big event for the town and we drove to the next city where they have an i Max and saw Avengers in 3-D.

The week of 5/11-17 I worked that Monday so I could take Wednesday off. Tuesday night I drove out to Louisville with my friend Allison and met some other friends to go to the Nightwish/Sabaton/Delain concert.

The Friday of that week I had to have Brielle to school by 5am so she could go on a field trip to Huntsville, AL for her engineering class. I didn't pick her up until quite late that night.

That Sunday my friend, Johanna, was having a birthday party for her daughter who just turned 1 so we spent all day out at the park with them.

 Week of 5/18-24 I requested to work that Monday so that I could take Friday off for our annual camping trip.
Tuesday of that week was State Primary so the kids were out of school which I think is silly because turn out for voting in the state primary is only 12% which I complained a lot about because I wish people would get out and vote instead of complaining with doing nothing. I of course voted after work that day.

I've also been having to spend a lot of time traveling lately because of so much construction going on in town. I actually have to drive a mile in the opposite direction (which feels longer than it sounds I think they are lying about the distance) and then turn around and get onto the bypass which is also under construction half way through so I have to divert to another road if I don't hit my time just right otherwise I'll be stopped in total gridlock. It's made getting to and from work a real pain in my rear and I can't wait for all the construction to be done this fall.
 Oh work got me a bigger monitor I was pretty stoked about that one.

Then we had our annual camping trip from the 22nd-24th. It was actually shorter than we normally do because there was going to be rain moving in Sunday night/Monday morning and we didn't want to stick around for that.

 Here's only a few of the 114 pictures I took. We took a lot of hikes this trip

Lots of other random running around but that should pretty much catch things up for the big events the last several weeks.
The next few weeks are going to be hectic too but that's another posting all together.

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