Monday, June 8, 2015

Busy Monday, June 8

So not the traditional Busy Monday post as it's getting close to being Tuesday.

Today I went to work so that threw things off... It was a long day at work just due to the content of work but I did take my lunch break to go have my normal Monday out to lunch with my hubby date (if you can call it a date since we are always with his co-workers).
I got hit by a sudden wave of tiredness and fell asleep in construction driving 55 mph... well fell asleep may be harsh how about a prolonged blink with a sudden swerve. I haven't been hit that hard by tiredness since before my B-12 problem was found out. They did switch one of my medications when I went to the doctor last week since it wasn't working as well now. I don't know if that had anything to do with it or not but it was scary so I came home and sent my husband a text apologizing but I was going to bed. Even after an hour of sleep I was very drowsy and just not myself and then my husband and I went to the grocery store where I continued to be out of it. I'm not sure what it was but I dislike it quite a bit and hope it doesn't happen again.

Last week was eventful. I had my doctors appointment, Brielle had her final Orchestra Concert of the year, Katherine had her Elementary School  Graduation and I found out on short notice that a friend of mine who moved away some time ago was in town just for a few days so I went out and saw her.

Last Thursday was the last day of school for the kids and it was eventful. Pete and I got the kids and loaded them up after we got them from school along with their luggage and then it was straight to Nashville with a quick stop at KFC for dinner along the way. I got through the check in and security pretty well but they didn't put down the gate numbers so that frustrated me. When the plane did start to load I wasn't sure how to handle it since Brielle was the 'adult' for the trip and normally Southwest does pre-boarding for people with 'young' children. I went up and asked though and they had the girls pre-board to make sure that they sat together.
Now when we left the airport I called my parents... they didn't answer. Hmmm...
Brielle was suppose to call when they landed in Denver to do their plane transfer. We were very clear she needed to call us because it was so late at night we were worried... No call.
So by this point we're calling my parents and still no answer and we don't know what's going with the kids and we're pulling our hair out. Later that evening Brielle calls their plane got diverted to Albuquerque! Apparently there was a large storm over Denver so we were worried what was going to happen with her connecting flight. She told us they said they were making arrangements.
So then I am calling my parents and still no answer so I call my grandmother to see if there is another number for them but she was asleep (rightfully so!) and I'm totally freaking out and getting ready to try and call a friend in Oregon to see if they would be able to get up to the airport if my parents weren't up there.

I pass out on the couch with my phone set for 2am which is when the flight (about 12am PST) would be landing and finally get through to my parents to tell them what is going on. They end up sitting there for like 4 hours to get the girls and apparently at 2am I accidently put my phone on silent so yeah it was a mess.
The girls are safe though and that is what matters.
Though when I realized I fell asleep and suddenly wake up at 5:50 am and try and get off the couch which rocks it scares the cat and she slices into my hand so then I get odd looks at work Friday... Oh yes after all that Thursday night I still had to go into work on Friday.

Friday was nice though while Peter was out playing cards I ended up going out later in the evening and meeting a friend who introduced me to another lovely lady.

Saturday we went to a friends birthday party and he got way too wasted so we stuck around and helped clean up after the party and make sure he was alright... there was a LOT of drama associated with that one but I won't go into other people's dirty laundry just not my place...
Though I did have to tell myself "Not my Circus Not my Monkeys" a few times.

Sunday I had Stitch N Bitch again which I finally finished Katherine's shirt I just wish I had finished making it before she left out for Oregon but I'll see her when she flies to North Carolina to see my husband's family.

Pretty rough down and dirty posting and I apologizing for not having some inspiring craft or recipe or some such. It seems like I haven't for a long while now just I've been pulled in a lot of directions. I hope one day life settles down a bit more again.


  1. Whew! I'm glad your girls arrived safely. Sounds like last week was really rough. I hope you get your medications all worked out. Dozing while driving is scary! Hopefully, this will be a MUCH better week for you!

    1. Thanks hun. Meds still messed me up all week but seem to be getting better now.
      Sorry I reply so late LOL Feel like I can't keep all the plates spinning sometimes :)