Monday, August 17, 2015

A picture can say a thousand words...

... or at least I hope so. It has been since June since I've posted so instead of doing lots of individual posts I'm just going to do pictures with captions if you're interested in our summer. 
I will not be covering the family tragedy though as this is something we will be dealing with for the rest of our lives and my starting to post again is my attempt at finding normalcy in our lives once more. 

My husband was called on stage at the Ren Fair to 'be a fool' I told them he was already a fool. 

We found an endangered species. 

Peter and I had just arrived at the beach and pretty much drove straight to the ocean.

Took the kiddos and some of the cousins out to the beach.

3 of the girls decided to make cupcakes and there's a few other cousins waiting for some.

Kiddos & Cousins at the beach Peter often took the kids down there.

Outside of N. Carolina Battleship

On the deck of the N. Carolina Battle Ship

This does not even explain the size of this battleship!

One of the anchors for the battleship

Hubby and I on our dinner ship cruise.

Did I mention it was a Pirate Dinner Ship Cruise? 

At the beach again.

Some folks dug a hole then gave it to the kids to play in.

Brother-in-Laws birthday.

4th of July

Peter and I got a new mattress.

I took the girls to a local coffee shop so I could hang out with a friend they of course played on their computers.

At the library.
The crowd at the library the kids are WAY on the other side of that sitting on the floor.
This is why they were sitting on the floor. Plus at the end of the lesson they got to pet the penguin! 

Katherine at Band tryouts choose the Trumpet.

I look worried because we were at nearly the highest point of  a ride and I was holding my phone out. The girls and I at the county fair. We rode rides and watched the tractor pull.

At the library again we were there a lot.

We had Discover Dinosaurs at the convention center and a new lady wanted to interview them. 

Katherine being a doof. 

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