Monday, October 26, 2015

Busy Monday, October 26

To Do List
  • Write this Blog
  • Lunch with Peter
  • Make a menu
  • Grocery Shopping
  • Drop off some paperwork for Peter
  • Sewing
  • Laundry
  • Parent Teacher Conferences
  • Tonight Music Class for me
  • Monday - chicken tacos ... just decided this because I just realized I had parent teacher conferences tonight plus the music class tonight so my time is going to be crunched
  • Tuesday - Chicken, Biscuits & Gravy
  • Wednesday - Spaghetti
  • Thursday - Chicken Nuggets & French Fries
  • Friday - Pizza
  • Saturday- Playing it by ear... that's a meal right?
  • Sunday - Hamburger Helper

    Insert random veggies and salads with meals as I am unsure what I will throw with what quite yet.

This Week's 'To-Do' List

  • Tuesday 
    • Work
    • Kids Eye Exams
  • Wednesday
    • Work
  • Thursday
    • Work
    • Make Halloween treats for Kids' Party
  • Friday
    • Work
    • Brielle's Orchestra Concert
    • Kids' Halloween Party
  • Saturday
    • Pokemon League
    • Halloween!
  • Sunday
    • Hospital Festival & Orchard

Last Week

So yeah it's been hectic.
Last week I started taking lessons for my Viola again I haven't truly played much since I was a teenager. I take those lessons twice a week now. 
I've been working on Brielle's costume I still have a TON to do before Friday Night so I'm going to keep this short.
Last week I was down sick for nearly a week and lost a lot of work because of it so work has been hectic since I went back. I did try to post a short update to the blog from my phone but my phone errored out I'll have to see what is going on with the app.

This last weekend I threw together a costume for an 80's party Peter and I went to.
Sunday we went to Holiday World, myself and my husband and my youngest daughter Katherine with our friend and her 18 month old. Brielle decided to stay home she had some plans but they fell through but that's life.

A few weeks ago we went and saw Alice Cooper and Motley Crue. That was pretty darn awesome. 

Oh and Katherine had her first Band Concert this month too! So proud of her and she says she's really enjoying playing band. 
At the start of the run I did a night time color 5k run with some friends. We did run it but we had an awesome time. It was pretty cold out though so I was glad I had a hoodie under my shirt.

This was the after party. 
It's been a pretty busy month for me which I guess you can tell since this is the only post I think I've made all month.

Hope everyone is doing well and have a Safe and Happy Halloween!!!!

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  1. I think September but maybe more October are definitely among the busiest months of the year! Love the 80's costumes. Good for you in taking music lessons. I never played an instrument so I'm in awe of anyone that can. I'm waiting to go to parent teacher conferences at the high school (and hoping I don't get too lost!) tonight. Hope you have a wonderful week!