Monday, November 30, 2015

Busy Monday, November 30

So not quite the traditional Busy Monday post because I'm not sure I would have the focus to really get through that whole post and I feel so restricted into if I do one part of it I should do all parts of it.

Today's plan is go pay the taxes on Peter's car. My van is GONE we traded it in on Friday and I have a new vehicle so no taxes to pay there though before the first loan is even fully processed I'm trying to refinance because Peter wanted me to put it only in my name and the interest rate I got was horrible I've got a 720 credit score but my income is so low they really raked me over the coals so I'm seeing what I can do.

Also, I need to go grocery shopping and pick up my medications today... oh I also have music class this evening.

Peter is working out of town for the next two months he opted not to get a hotel and will be coming home every night but not for much more than a meal and some sleep.

I have a loose meal plan but I'm having a hard time filling it out. Tonight is the last night for Turkey and then this next week I'm trying to stick with other non bird meats to give us a break.

Last night was Turkey Pot Pie.

I don't make pot pies very often but the kids and I enjoy them when I do.

Peter even said even though he doesn't like pot pies that mine aren't too bad.

(Don't mind the messy stove.)

I did make Lefse for Thanksgiving and normally I have enough to freeze though I'm not so sure about this time.

I made 10 lbs of it like normal and I have a very small stack left. I'm going to try and figure out how to mail some out to my family since I don't think anyone out there makes Lefse any more in the family.

That's about the whole of it. I didn't get pictures of Thanksgiving though my turkey was absolutely gorgeous in my opinion with nice crisp brown skin.... even if it did take an hour and a half longer than I had planned.
Thanksgiving went very well and we didn't have the full 6 guests we were suppose to one didn't even call and another decided they just didn't feel like leaving the house. (Found that out Thanksgiving Day I was a tad irritated needless to say.)
We had a ton of people stop by though but had a good rotation to everyone so our little house while it got crowded it wasn't overly bad at all.

Hope everyone had a happy and safe Thanksgiving.

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