Monday, December 7, 2015

Busy Monday, December 7

Again not hitting up the traditional layout. I'm trying to get coffee down me and get a hold of the car lot before I make an hour and a half drive down there for them to change out my windshield.

A friend lost his mother last week so last week I was trying to help watch their home while they were dealing with the arrangements for all that. I only met the woman once but heard so many stories from him and his fiance about her so my heart really goes out to them.

I have more orchestra classes this week but I believe this is the last week but there are talks of another School Orchestra Fundraiser to do this again in the new near so you know I will be there.

I have a Christmas Dinner party for work I need to attend later this week so I have to figure out what I will have prepared for the children and hubby since I'm suppose to be there at 5:30. It sounds like a good crockpot night to me since Brielle can handle the pasta.

 On Saturday....

....we went down to the riverfront and walked around and did some shopping at the Holiday Stroll and then stuck around for the town's official lighting of the tree.

On Friday, we drove out and saw The Piano Guys live in concert. We had a very good time there and they put on a very good show. 

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