Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Busy Monday, December 14

It is actually Tuesday the 15th and I'm at work but not feeling 100%. Things are getting crazy busy. Yesterday I had to drop medical forms off at the middle school because they lost them. Went out to lunch by myself and reorganized my coupons. Went in for my monthly shot. Got groceries and had to pick up Brielle after school because she had to stay over to catch up on some work.
This past weekend Friday Katherine had her first semi formal dance. Saturday, I got both my girls glasses... First set for Katherine and an updated prescription for Brielle. Peter and I went to a friend's birthday party on Saturday and on Sunday we went to a Shakespearean reading of Starwars.
Last night Brielle worked on cookies though Peter and I had to jump in as she was taking too long because the cookie gun wasn't working well because the constancy of her dough was off.
Tonight Katherine has her band concert, tomorrow Brielle has her orchestra concert. Thursday I have my works xmas party. Sunday it is the Stitch 'n' Bitch Christmas party.

Monday- pork, peas, potatoes.... Turned into rotisserie chicken instead because the pork went bad
Tuesday-Royal Round
Wednesday-3 Ingredient Chicken Tacos
Thursday- Breakfast
Saturday- ? I know I got something I just can't remember what lol
Sunday-Pulled Pork

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