Monday, May 9, 2016

Busy Monday, May 9

Today's 'To-Do' List

  • Write this ... up doing that
  • Come up with a menu... I think I'm going to need some prayers during the course of writing this to figure something out
  • Grocery Shop
  • Lunch with Peter
  • ... Unsure either clean house or pull out one of the many projects on I'm on a time crunch for. 
  • Insert food here...
    I've had everything else wrote up for 3 hours now and I just can't come up with a menu. Spaghetti, Pizza and perhaps Chili... Anything else no clue but I need to get ready for Lunch with Peter so hopefully he has more ideas because the grocery store ad is not inspiring. 
    • EDIT-
      • Mon- Chili Mac
      • Tues- Tacos
      • Wed- Spaghetti w/Sausage
      • Thurs- Pork, Potatoes & Peas
      • Fri- Pizza
      • Sat- Chicken w/Pasta & a veggie
      • Sun- Hamburger Helper & green beans
This Week's 'To-Do' List
  • At this moment it is clear... the only clear week I've had in weeks and the only clear week planned for at least 3 more weeks. 
  • Peter wants to start trying to go to the gym with me so moving gym time to evenings
  • Work as per normal and Kids are in testing at school
  • Friday-Saturday is the International BBQ Fest here in town we'll go early Saturday Morning. 
  • Sunday is my friend Carrie's birthday so I have left the day open to do something with her. 
Last Week

Well I didn't get around to making a post last week. Let's do this in a nutshell. Stitch N Bitch on that Sunday, Blacky had a grooming appt & I had class that Monday, I had one of my yearly check ups on Tuesday have to find time to run more labs later, Library Ani-May event was Wednesday & Katherine won a free ticket to OMG con in June which is great because we weren't expecting to have the kids this summer so we needed to buy them tickets anyways so now we just need 1 ticket.
Thursday Brielle had an appt, I had a luncheon with the ladies from work, and my last music class until next fall.
Friday was the School Orchestra's' last concert for the year.
Saturday the girls got to hang out with one of the older daughters of one of our friend's and we took off to Nashville for the weekend. We went to a craft show that morning and then that afternoon/evening we went to go see Disturbed, Rob Zombie & Pop Evil in concert. -- Only truly bad thing about that is I REALLY hate drunks! Like seriously! There are some okay ones that are laid back but we really saw some of the worst types there. It was highly irritating. Friend of mine got pinged in the back of the head with a beer can and got drenched, someone else was trying to spray someone with beer and got it in my eye. I just really couldn't fully enjoy the experience which was sad but it was still an awesome concert.
Us and another couple that we drove down with shared a hotel room which I would swear the beds hadn't been changed in 20 years it was laughable but at least we were so tired it gave us a bed to lay our heads down on.

Mother's Day... I won't go into it. It was bad.

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  1. I really need to clean house! You would think busy and not home would equal a cleaner house but I guess that only works if we are all not at home. Glad you came up with a menu, I'm already thinking of changing mine around a bit. Sorry you didn't have a good mother's day, I've endured a few lousy ones for different reasons in the past and it makes for a tough day. Hope you have a better week!