Monday, May 23, 2016

Monday Post?

I missed last week I'm pretty sure. I kept busy.
Pretty much missing this week other than a post to say I'm missing this week. I'm getting ready to head off to work.

We did try two new recipes this week so I will give a run down of those later.

Katherine's band concert went well. Katherine had a field trip this past weekend and a dance on Friday both she enjoyed and I'll touch on later with some pictures predance.

I went to the grand opening crazy line stand for Meijers.

Brie & I went to a friend's birthday party for her 2 year old.

I took my best friend out to an open house of for a bridal location and we had a driving adventure that I don't have time to go into.

Had a great barbeque.

Oh earlier in the week kids got accepted into 4-H camp & had our last 4-H STEM meeting sometime in the last matter of weeks in which I haven't had time to post in...

Anyways I promise to get folks caught up. I will miss next week for Memorial day too as I celebrate my 16th Wedding Anniversary by taking the family and a bunch of friends camping for the weekend.

Busy days. School lets out this week too.

June calendar is fully booked for every weekend & almost booked up through every week day. I'm wondering when it'll slow down!

Have fun folks! I promise I'm around and will be back!

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  1. Whew! You do sound super busy over there. Hope you have a good week & Happy Anniversary in advance. We'll be here when you return :)