Monday, April 17, 2017

Busy Monday, April 17

Today's 'To-Do' List
  • Take Brielle into School for Beta Club
  • Meet with Johanna to go to the Church Store
  • Lunch with Peter
  • Make a menu
  • Groceries
  • Make dinner
  • Class (taking Brielle with me tonight)
  • Tonight it is Bison Burgers and Turnip Fries
  • Grilled Cheese & Tomato Soup
  • Grilled Pork, Mashed Potatoes, Veggies
  • Parm Chicken & Spaghetti
  • Friday not sure because I was going to move Pizza to Saturday this week. 
  • Pizza
  • Eat Out
This Week's 'To-Do' List
  • Tuesday
    • Take Polly to the Vet - Oh yeah I did that last week too. Polly is our cat and she's having problems. Right now we think the flea medication caused nerve damage and she is having problems pooping... TMI I know
    • Anime Club for the kids
  • Wednesday
    • Open?
  • Thursday
    • 4-H Banquet 6pm
    • Orchestra 7-8 (Will have to leave the banquet early because I can't miss this class)
  • Friday
    • Open?
  • Saturday
    • Botanical garden sale 8am
    • Shooting match 9-11
    • Pre-Release MtG 6pm
  • Sunday
    • All day Orchestra Arts Festival
  • Monday
    • B-12 Shot
    • Blacky goes back to the groomer they thought I only wanted a trim on him so back to the groomer he goes.
    • Orchestra Class
  • Tuesday
    • Band Arts Festival
    • Jr. Homemakers Club @ 5:30 (If we are out of Band Fest by that time) 
  • Wednesday
    • Pick up Brielle from school and go out to the 4-H office to go over getting Brielle's paperwork done and also I'm starting paperwork to take over the STEM club next year. 
  • Thursday
    • Orchestra Class
  • Friday
    • Drive Katherine out to camp
    • Peter has his card game
  • Saturday
    • Katherine is still at Camp
    • Brielle has Junior Prom (which I still need to fix her dress for)
  • Sunday
    • Drive out to go pick up Katherine from Film Camp
I figured I'd add in next week incase I don't get to my blog again next week.

Last Week

So actually this should say the last few weeks because I haven't been posting. With stuff going on with the kids in school. Teenage drama. 4-H, Brielle's volunteering schedule, art shows, etc etc I don't get much time to sit down and think let alone type anything up like this; instead it turns into more of just quick blurbs on facebook to family to let them know I'm alive and going bald. 
I hope things calm down once summer break gets here. As far as spring break went Brielle volunteered 32 hours that week, Katherine just kept on her computer as far as I can tell and Peter and I worked. We all could really use a vacation though.

I'm going to post up some pictures of random days from the last few weeks but first let's cover yesterday's adventure just so we can have a story up. 

So yesterday was Easter Sunday and as many people know we aren't a very religious family. Peter and I both grew up Roman Catholic so that might have something to do with it all that Sunday exercising; sit, stand, kneel, sit, stand, kneel.... Anyways so we spend the time at home with our children most years and just relax. That was not this year.
It has been very hot out here in Kentucky the last few days so hot we had to break down and turn on the central air. I've been moving my plants out of the greenhouse so they don't bake and then keeping them well watered. Up until this point I had been using my watering can but with them being outside there was no point and was just easier to cut out the middle step and spray them down using the hose. Well my sprayer nozzle apparently broke over the winter. I found one of my other ones it too had apparently broke and gave me a shower instead of the plants. So I went on the hunt for a sprayer nozzle. First I went to Family Dollar which oddly didn't have anything like that so while I was in there Peter called me and asked for car jacks because we were missing a piece to ours and he decided Easter was a good time to start teaching Brielle how to change the oil on his car which we hope will become her car. Well Family Dollar isn't going to have floor jacks and I was right by Autozone but I thought no I'll go to Tractor Supply they should have my sprayer and Peter's jacks. So I stopped for gas because I was literally counting the miles to try and stay within my reserve since I had been driving around on E for two days. I then went to Tractor Supply. Guess who isn't open on Sundays? Tractor Supply which good for them give their employees some important family time. Not irritated or mad at all about this. So then it's criss crossing roads again to get to a Dollar General for my sprayer and then back over to Autozone. 

Good deal things are taken care of I get home and see Johanna is there Peter called her over goes into that whole teenage drama thing and sometimes an adult other than Mom and Dad can get through better. In any case, Johanna has never changed the oil in a car before so she was fascinated and asked if she could learn too while Brielle was learning.
Let's fast forward this some... 5 Autozone trips later.
Peter is working on the spark plugs on Johanna's car because they were in bad need of it and were misfiring. We get through all that.
Brielle did a good 80% of the oil change herself her dad just needed to help her with some of the harder parts like breaking the seal on the pan screw and the old filter to get them off. Johanna got under her car and did about 80% of her oil change too.
Then there was a lot of extra time ate up by Peter dropping a tool in the engine so we had to try and get it out without a grabber tool. 

All said and done around 5 o'clock two cars had had oil changes and one got the plugs changed. We did good and were all patting ourselves on the back. I didn't do too much, I supervised! That means I get the biggest paycheck right?
So Johanna gets ready to leave and well she couldn't she locked her keys in the car. We tried the coat hanger trick. We opened the door just a smig so we could get a rod down in it and they were pushing on the button but it wasn't doing anything so 9 o'clock at night we had to get a locksmith in which did basically the same thing we did to push the button going in through the door but it worked for him... S.O.B.! Seriously!
But that was our crazy day. I had eggs all boiled and ready to dye since we didn't have time during the rest of the week prior but I guess those will wait. 

Now for random pictures. 

Apparently my phone has decided to stop uploading again. *sighs* 

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