Thursday, November 8, 2012

Lacking Motivation

It's been a little bit since I have posted so first thing's first my annual Fall Kid's Crafting event I hold at my home I went a little overboard I just got so excited I think the kids were looking at me like I was crazy and the the parents called me a Saint for getting right in there with all the children.

Halloween! Well I kept up just enough motivation to push myself through making Katherine's costume and finding a couple things for Brielle though she chose to re-wear last year's costume.

 Over all it was a pretty simple costume for Kat. You can't really see it but I sewed little pink felt pads onto her gloves there, black sweatsuit, I paid more than I should have when I made the tail that you can't see in this picture because I went for a better fabric and then I made her a red sparkly collar with a bell (again can't see it in this picture). Katherine enjoyed it and was warm (Mask Peter already owned I just bought new elastic for it). 

My pumpkins! I was very happy with these this year. I always wait until the weekend before Halloween because one of our local farmers puts all his pumpkins on sale for $1 for any pumpkin so this is $4 of pumpkins! Not bad! Plus this year I didn't have to dig through rotten pumpkins like I normally have to. 

 We got all the pumpkins carved though the girls were being a little prissy and I had to put gloves on their hands before they'd help me clean the pumpkins. My husband spent half the night cursing how difficult of patterns were chosen. 

And finally the roasted pumpkin seeds! You'd be amazed on how many seeds come per pumpkin. I roasted all of these and I put some up to dry for a lady who has a much bigger yard so she can grow some. 

So after getting done with Halloween I lost all motivation and everything fell apart around the house. I've been running Brielle to her volunteering events and she just informed me I have until February to get up $140 minimum for a convention for Jr. Beta. I've just kind of flopped and found as soon as I come home from work lately that I'm going straight for a nap. I'm not sure why but I've been just exhausted. 

Peter bought me an air purifier so I've been running that non stop trying to see if it'll help with the amount of dust around the house but I guess that means I need to actually dust again so I can see if it is helping or not. ~ Goes back into that motivation thing. 

Brielle has been coming home loaded down with homework so last night we wanted Katherine off of her video games last night so we had her read for a little bit but needless to say there's only so long you can make an 8 year old read at home so instead I cut up some paper and let her color it and then pulled out my laminator and yarn and we made bookmarks. 

Hoping motivation finds me soon but I won't hold my breath because work has been long and tedious days (speaking of which I have to start getting ready for it *whines* I don't wanna!)

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