Monday, May 5, 2014

Busy Monday, May 5

Today's 'To-Do' List
  • Write this Blog 
  •  Make Menu
  • Lunch with Peter
  • Groceries
  • Gym?
  • Buy new swimming goggles for kids. 
  • Buy storage container for winter clothes (I'm tired of having to deal with them being in the mess I need better organization!)
I'm feeling that the last several months I've been slacking and right now just kind of down in the dumps which is probably a combination of a bad nights rest, low vitamin B and general frustration over my weight as I've gained several lbs over the past week with no real good reason. It doesn't help life has been hectic so I'm behind on the house too. 
Here's my 'home to-do list' and I hope maybe if I see some things crossed off I'll feel a little better.
  • Laundry
  • Dishes
  • Vacuum
  • Wash bedding
Leaving the list kind of short like I said I'm very tired. I think all in all I might have gotten 5 hours of sleep last night. 


  • ? - Still trying to decide on this one. The whole idea of food to me today has seemed very 'blah'. 
  • Crockpot Chicken Tacos
  • Grilled Hamburgers, baked potato, side salad
  • Eat Out (After much debate with everything going on I'm thinking the drive through would cut down on a lot of stress)
  • Pizza
  • Hamburger Helper & Corn
  • Balsamic Chicken and Pasta

This Week's 'To-Do' List

  • Gym on Tuesday and Thursday after work with my friend. (Days may change)
  • Tuesday Swim Lessons for the girls 
    • That's right I signed the girls up for swim lessons again this month so normally it will be every Tuesday and Thursday they will be busy with that. 
  • Project Club 4-H - Brielle only
  • Katherine will need to be picked up Thursday from a club meeting at school 
  • Peter has his Friday Night Magic game 
  • Saturday Katherine plays at the Pokemon League 
  • Make laundry soap

Last Week

Like I thought would happen extra things got thrown onto my plate last week. First off I went to the gym 3 last week instead of just my scheduled 2 days and then on a 4th day I worked out at home which made me run late to work eep.
I had coke sales pick up which come to find out they lost our order form! I need to see if the check was cashed today and if so I'm going to have to raise some hell because they didn't have our form or our cokes!!
(So far it hasn't been I double checked again. Still annoying though that I have to deal with this.)

Brielle had Honor's Society on Thursday so I had to drive her into school and then Friday she had her big orchestra competition so I had to drive her in early to school that day too. For her lunch for the concert she wanted sushi (or truthfully california rolls) so I got to try my hand at making that. 
I also had forgotten last Monday Katherine had  club activity after school so I went to pick her up and they were like, "Um she never showed up for After School." As soon as they said that I was like DUH! Boy how forgetful am I! 

Saturday we went out to Free Comic Day and then Katherine played in the pokemon league. We ended up going out for lunch because of how the times fell and I have to say I'm very disappointed with Buffalo Wild Wings. I thought it was just my phone so I came home and tried to do research and found out they personally don't post up their nutritional information and if you get 'special' items like exchanging a wrap for a wheat wrap there really isn't any information at all. I got very frustrated and I really thing, especially national chains, need to put up this information. It's pretty bad when McDonald's is that ahead of the game. 

Saturday and Sunday I worked on the yard. Always lots to do and I have a lot more to take care of but I made progress and it was no easy job. (evil crabgrass)
I got some plants in the ground and I'm hardening off some of the plants I had started inside.
I did a lot of mulching though I have more to do. 
There's always something to do isn't there? 
I also dug up several baby sages that my sage bush put out this year. I'm glad my old sage survived. My lavender survived by the skin of it's roots and only had one sad branch with green so I cut away the dead branches. 

Baby Sage

I think that about covers things though I am a bit scatter brained so I'm sure I missed something. :)

Have a good week folks! Hopefully soon I'll have some DIY projects going that I can update on.
I am trying a new combination for this Crockpot Chicken Tacos so if it turns out well then I'll get that recipe put up with my tweaks to the original recipe. 

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