Monday, June 9, 2014

Busy Monday, June 9

Today's 'To-Do' List
  • Write this Blog 
  •  Go to work? - I haven't decided if I'm going in or not today. I really won't know until later. 
  • Finish washing Laundry
  • Get plants in ground in garden - Yes there are still some I haven't transplanted. I've been bad! 
  • Move items from attic into kids' room. (I need to wait on Peter for this one too dangerous to do alone.)
  • Talk with hospital. They messed up my appointment and have it down for a Thursday! There's no way I can take that much time off in the middle of the week from work. 


  • Eat Out - We are taking our house sitters out to dinner it is our way of saying thanks for watching the pets. 
  • Lasagna
  • Hamburgers & Chips
  • Pizza
  • Unknown - OMGCon this weekend so playing it by ear
  • "..."
  • "..." 

This Week's 'To-Do' List

  • Order insulation
  •  Clean up around the house
  • Spray weed killer in the many various places it needs it. 
  • New siding & ceiling insulation may start this weekend depending on Contractor.
  • OMGCon Friday-Sunday this probably will take up all of that time. 

Last Week
So after I got home from work I wanted to spend some quality time with my girls. Now Katherine (on left) did not want to paint fingernails because she's not a girly girl but I had her paint her sisters and that made all the difference and then her sister painted hers and they giggled and laugh and they got nail polish everywhere.
 I'm not sure why they decided to sit so far apart at the airport. Or why they decided to wear the same clothes. I swear they own more than that one outfit. In any case seeing how we had to leave for Nashville by 2:30am I wasn't really going to fuss at them since I was so tired since Peter and I didn't get to bed until like 11 o'clock the night before as we tried to make sure all the suitcases were properly put together and paperwork, tickets, IDs, etc were ready.
We did make it to the airport on time though and I got the girls through security alright. I spent the day snoozing in and out and tightly grasping my phone as Brielle lead her sister through Denver airport. I swear every bad thought was going through my head.... They were going to leave their carry ons (2 purses we tried to keep it small so they wouldn't have to use the overhead), they were going to miss their connecting flight, they were going to get lost, the plane was going to go down...... I mean every bad thought!! It's pretty nerve racking when the airline says your 13 year old is an adult and can lead your 9 year old through an airport! I'm very glad though my girls are very experienced fliers having flown every year pretty much for the last 5 at very least if not longer. The kids did make it to Portland, Oregon where my parents picked them up and they have been off having adventures there. Peter & I will pick the kids back up at the airport next month.
Picture of the geese and their babies. I wanted a better shot but I was walking to my car from work so my arms were full so it was hard to dig out my phone. Yes, we have a lot of geese that like all of our ponds at work. The babies are so cute! It's also funny to watch the adults get after the babies when they do something wrong.
Last week I also got some eggs from my friend who has a farm and collected some other food from people to donate to a lady whose household of 6 just had their food stamps cut dramatically.
It is always nice when a small community of friends can make something come together to help someone else out.
Saturday I finally got around to canning the Mulberries. I Juiced them a day or two prior (days are blending together for me) and I knew I had to get them canned up soon. So I made just Mulberry Jelly and then I made Mulberry Jelly sweetened with local honey.
That big tub of mulberries made 4 jars. Not a whole lot but maybe if folks like it next year we can get out earlier in the season and do several batches. My tree had dropped a LOT of them by time my friend and my children got around to picking them.
There was some other stuff that went on. Big card game at the house. Lots of stress but it's a new week so I'm going to move past that. While my schedule may not look busy it really is a lot more and I know it but I'm trying not to put too much strain on myself considering everything that is going on.

Hope everyone has a wonderful week! 

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  1. Oh my goodness, I cannot imagine letting my 13 year old lead his 9 year old brother through an airport! (It would probably be the other way around as soon as they were on their own-ha!). That must have been nerve-racking. Glad they arrived safely. What is OMGCon? I can't figure that one out. You still sound busy to me!