Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Busy Monday, September 1 (Tuesday Edition)

Today's 'To-Do' List
  • Get kids to bus 6:40 & 7:15
  • Write this blog
  • Go through coupons
  • Go to work
  • Grocery Shopping
  • Fill Fishtank -- Started this but since I'm not taking the fish out right now it means I have to wait for each container of water to become room temp and then I get distracted so it's a slow process
  • Cross Country Race at 5:50 (have to be there by 5:30) for Katherine. 
  • Beef tips, Mashed Potatoes & Gravy, Corn
  • Hamburger Helper & Green Beans
  • Sloppy Joes & Chips
  • Spaghetti & Meatballs
  • Pizza
  • Breaded Pork, Peas, Mashed Potatoes, Pan gravy

This Week's 'To-Do' List

  • Go to the gym -- I won't lie I didn't go last week I forget what happened on my gym days but it just did not happen. I need to figure out something but I'm going to keep making it a weekly goal.
  •  Clean up around the house 
  • Take Katherine to the bank so she can cash her birthday checks. -- Nope haven't done this one either I'm really slacking!   
  • Brielle has Sadie Hawkins Friday

Last Week

I think I need to make posts more than once a week though finding the time to do that will be hard but by time the next posting day comes around I'm completely lost on what happened the week prior. 

Monday I took Katherine down to the 5th Grade Orientation. Everything went well though I'm going to have to come up with a lot of money due to new laws that make fundraising mostly prohibitive towards actual earnings vs time and effort. Long story short the school is still offering the 5th Grade DC trip but as a private function so you have to come up with the money on your own.

Tuesday I got sick and my poor husband had to cook dinner and take care of the kids. I just really felt badly. I had made it through work that day but that was as far as I could get.

Wednesday I was also very sick but I pushed through work and then took Brielle and Katherine down to the community college for the launch of the new First Lego League challenge. One of the 4-H folks sat down with us and I had a lengthy discussion about the club leader who was not at this event nor had she been scheduling meetings and come to find out she hadn't been doing anything to set up the funding required for the club. In any case hopefully something gets done, the kids had fun and we ate pizza there.
My day, Thursday,  started out at 5:15 though because Brielle had her clock set wrong and Katherine came in to wake me up because she thought I had overslept for them to get to school.  I mumbled something about the time and passed back out. 
It was also picture day for Brielle and while I was going through Lifetouch's website I found a package only listed at $3 it even came up in the market as only $3 so I said what the heck and took advantage of it. I'm guessing it was an error on their part. They will either get back a hold of me and we will work out some other package or they will fix their error and let this order through is my thoughts.
Then that morning after everyone left I busied myself around the house and I was actually getting a lot of work done before work and I was impressed with myself. The dog went to the bathroom though by the clothes washer and so I had to pull it out to clean under the washer. In the process of doing this I broke the drainage pipe for the washer!! I'll have you know we don't have any crawl space in that part of the house it is just a floor built on top of a poured foundation so this meant needing to cut into the floor and potentially taking out the floor.
Work was hell that day too (which is a hell I'm getting ready to go back to today) and by the end of it I was so fed up that I wanted a cup of coffee and to vent and a friend of mine offered for us to meet up so I could do just that. It was really helpful.
Thursday was also the Tailgate party for Brielle at the High School and their first football game at home so she was that for the evening. It is just so odd to have a child in High School. 

Friday there were discount cards due back to the High School and I didn't realize this until late Thursday night so after I got off of work I went and picked up the leftover cards and money from Peter at his work and then drove them down to the school. I then had to go meet a lady that I was selling a shirt to from my garage sale pile. Friday also means Friday Night Magic for Peter so he went out because I kicked him out and I got another sleeve put onto Katherine's Halloween Costume. It is a slow process but I will get there.
I cut my night short on sewing and started the process of moving things out of the laundry room for us to start on the construction Saturday.

Saturday we worked on the laundry room. 
Thankfully I opted for a no glue laminate floor so we just had to pull it up.
Thankfully the broken piece wasn't too far in and we didn't have to bring up all the floor. It really could have been much worse. 
We spent our day doing that and then finished it up and got the floor back down Sunday.

Sunday for our 'fun' for Labor Day weekend we went to the town 40 minutes away where they were showing Ghostbusters for the 30th Anniversary. We all love Ghostbusters so seeing it on the big screen was just a treat for us. 

Monday, I got up at 6:30am and started putting things back into the laundry room.
Peter and the kids worked on goofing off mostly when they did get up. They went over to a friend's house to play cards that afternoon and I stayed home and continued to try to clean around the house and I got the lawns mowed and since I got a new string trimmer because my other one died, I went around and trimmed and edged things and trimmed back branches in areas too. Pretty much I was working my tail end off which is why this post is going up a day late.

There's last week. No nifty projects finished though I do have some started so perhaps next week I'll have something more to show for myself.

Have a great week folks. 

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