Monday, February 1, 2016

Busy Monday, February 1

To Do List

  • Write this Blog
  • Make Menu
  • Make grocery list
  • Grocery Shopping
  • Call and reschedule doctors appt later in the month
  • Call in & pick up prescriptions
  • Pay bills
  • Balance Budget (And totally cringe going to make some changes and tighten belts again)
  • Lunch with Peter (Hooray he's working back in town again)
  • Pick up around the house
  • I have music class tonight


  • Monday - Grilled Chicken, Pasta & Corn(held over from last week)
  • Tuesday - Breaded Pork, Mashed Potatoes, Peas
  • Wednesday - Spaghetti w/Italian Sausage
  • Thursday - Thyme and Garlic Chicken Breast (new crockpot recipe I'm going to try out)... Not sure what I'm going to do for sides yet
  • Friday - Pizza
  • Saturday- Hamburger Helper
  • Sunday - Clean Out Freezer Day - I have partial bags of different french fries, chicken nuggets, flavored boneless chicken bites and fish sticks. I say we just use them and clear up some space in the inside freezer.

This Week's 'To-Do' List

  • Tuesday 
    • Work
    • Y (YMCA)
  • Wednesday
    • Work
    • Y - Workout
    • Pick up Katherine @ 5pm from school
  • Thursday
    • Work
    • Y - Workout
    • 7-8 PM My Viola lessons
  • Friday
    • Work
    • Y-Swimming w/kids
    • Peter - MtG (his card game)
  • Saturday
    • Pokemon League
  • Sunday
    • Open - Superbowl? Someone might do something we don't know.

Last Week

So I got down to the Y 3 days last week for working out the 4th I had to work over so late at work there was just no time for me to get down there before having to get Brie for her appt we were cutting it really close.
The 5th day I did take the them swimming though so I guess me treading water for over an hour sort of counts like a work out I know I was getting tired.

Norm of the North was okay... I'm glad we didn't spend money on it because I would have been a lot more unhappy with it. If it's something you really want to see personally I suggest waiting until you can rent it. 

Dr. Who night at the library was an experience. I don't think they expected such a huge turn out so they weren't properly prepared for it but otherwise for a free event it was a good way to get out with the family and we saw some other friends there. 

Saturday Peter has folks over to play a computer game so we had a bunch of laptops set up and they were all stomping around in big Mechs myself included though I did very poorly at it. I made a big dinner and otherwise it was a good evening other than guests didn't leave until 2 am I was so messed up for the rest of Sunday.

Sunday, I got with a couple ladies that are planning their weddings and we went to the bridal show and went around and sampled food, looked at things, had them sign up for prizes and otherwise spent a great day out. They're such silly ladies. 
This guy had a photo booth there so we knew he did photo booth rentals but then we got our picture and see he is a realtor we got a big laugh over that. 


  1. I love clean out the freezer day for menu plans. Easy and you get the added benefit of some free space. I would love to go to a bridal show for fun but I don't know anyone getting married. Hope you have a great week!

    1. It's pretty insane. I didn't realize how much some folks spend on a wedding.
      Yup the whole family stood in front of the freezer for a moment and wow'd at the open space. It was awe inspiring.