Monday, January 25, 2016

Busy Monday, January 25

To Do List

  • Write this Blog
  • Put dinner in Crockpot
  • Make Menu
  • Make grocery list
  • Grocery Shopping
  • Pay bills that can be paid online
  • Go to two different dentist offices to pay bills
  • Take library books to library. Pay fine. (Thankfully shouldn't be much)
  • Pick up medications down at hospital pharmacy 
  • Pick up around the house
  • Go put my new Debit Card into ATM so it activates properly (hoping that does it since it got declined the other day... ugh new cards I swear)
  • I have music class tonight


  • Monday - Royal Round
  • Tuesday - Eat Out (Peter's request, probably still some place pretty quick)
  • Wednesday - Grilled Cheese & Tomato Soup
  • Thursday - Pulled Pork
  • Friday - Pizza
  • Saturday- Grilled Chicken, Pasta & Peas
  • Sunday - Hamburger Helper & Green Beans

This Week's 'To-Do' List

  • Tuesday 
    • Work
    • Y (YMCA) - I hope I  didn't go at all last week so I need to get back into the swing of it. I didn't go the week before either :( I've been bad.
    • 6:30pm Norm of the North @ the theater. Peter's work is paying for it. 
  • Wednesday
    • Work
    • Y - Workout
    • 6-7:30pm Doctor Who Night at the Library
  • Thursday
    • Work
    • Y - Workout
    • 4 PM Brie's Appt 
    • 7-8 PM My Viola lessons
  • Friday
    • Work
    • Y-Swimming w/kids
    • Peter - MtG (his card game)
  • Saturday
    • Pokemon League
  • Sunday
    • Bridal Show. Taking my friend to the Bridal Show and there are suppose to be a bunch of other ladies we know showing up too so should be a fun time.

Last Week

Monday was a no school day for the kids which is why you didn't see this normal posting. I went out and got Brielle's Homecoming dress from the seamstress and my friend Johanna came over with her 18 mo. old and I made a big pot of Jessica's Chili that night. I had texted her earlier that day if I could have the recipe and she said sure and was happy to give it to me since it had been her mother's. Her mom passed away when she was younger. 

Tuesday, I went to work and after I got out I spent my afternoon down at the courthouse getting the plate for my car. I finally found out after calling around for the past month that they've had my title for over a month so all this stress I was going through was for nothing and it still took me a couple calls for them to find my title because the car lot didn't tell me it was an out of state car. 

Wednesday it snowed so the kids stayed home but I went into work. 
Thursday kids were still out of school from snow and I went to work.
Friday we got even more snow and the kids were out of school and I took a vacation day. Peter worked from home that day too since we got a good amount and the roads weren't the clearest. I got a lot of cleaning done though you can't tell I did a bit of cleaning now other than I still am almost completely caught up on the laundry... that will change when I do laundry today. Ah the never ending story.
That evening we played Dungeon! together as a family.

Saturday we went out to have fun in the snow. I took Peter sledding for his first official time using a real sled! It was funny as heck! He kept falling over like 5' down and sprawling out. I ordered some snow bibs for the family and I'm still looking for boots for the kids. We didn't have it for this snow but in February we're going snow tubing as a field trip with the school Orchestra so I wanted to make sure the family was properly outfitted. We then went out to eat for lunch to warm up after several hours in the snow. That evening we had friends over to play cards. 
Sunday was a pretty lazy day around the house. I tried to pick up a little but really we didn't do anything. I never even made it out of my PJs. The kids on the other hand I kicked back out into the snow and they made snow men. Each time we said, "You can make it bigger." So we have a few little snow men out in the yard. After they did it they were really proud of their work, though during Katherine kept coming inside and I had to keep kicking out.
That was our snowy week. 
Hope everyone has stayed safe and warm!

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