Monday, March 7, 2016

Busy Monday, March 7

To Do List

  • Write this Blog
  • Make Menu
  • Make grocery list
  • Grocery Shopping
  • Lunch with Peter
  • Pick up around the house (Been working on laundry, scrubbing down the stove & kitchen cabinets and deep cleaned the tub & curtains this morning so far. It's spring cleaning time isn't it.)
  • I have music class tonight


  • Monday - Tacos
  • Tuesday - Chicken & Rice
  • Wednesday - Maui Grilled Chicken
  • Thursday - Grilled Pork with some sides haven't decided yet
  • Friday - Pizza
  • Saturday- Unsure
  • Sunday - Unsure

This Week's 'To-Do' List

(At some point call and reschedule an appt I missed with Brielle last week not sure when I'll get the mind set with dealing with that it's always such a pain. I also need to figure out when I'm going to take Brielle down for one of her booster shots that for some reason she didn't get when she was younger this will be the last in the series.)
  • Tuesday 
    • Work (Adults, Kids School as per normal)
    • Y (YMCA)
  • Wednesday
    • Work
    • Y - Workout
  • Thursday
    • Work
    • Y - Workout
    • 7-8 PM My Viola lessons
  • Friday
    • Work
    • Y-Swimming w/kids - ? We actually haven't done this for a bit we have been getting caught in doing other things. 
    • Peter - MtG (his card game)
  • Saturday
    • Pokemon League
    • Open? - May have an early Birthday Party for myself but that's still in the air.
    • Brielle going out to the mall with her friends.
  • Sunday
    • Open

Last Week

I kind of went over last week on Friday's post. Over the weekend we just played a lot of various games and threatened the children with toy deprivation if the rooms weren't cleaned. That was really the jist of it all. 

Oh the blanket I sent off finally got received. It was suppose to get there Thursday... it got there Saturday. 

I was told she loves her new blanket which makes me very happy to hear. 


  1. Sounds like a great week ahead for you. Happy Early Birthday?! I cleaned the inside of the dishwasher today, must be spring cleaning time. Hope you have a great week!

    1. Thanks. Yeah and B-day is early next week I'm trying to hide from it I've decided I am way old enough lol.
      Yeah things are turning out a bit more hectic than the calendar originally looked like got to love kiddos and the last minute, "Oh mom I had this going on remember." Then it dawns on them they didn't put it into Cozi so I had no clue ;)
      Hope you have an awesome week too! Haven't gotten to read blog yet but I saw sick kiddo so hope he's better soon!