Friday, March 4, 2016

Catching up Friday

Well I didn't get to make a Monday post because I volunteered to go into work because my supervisor was leaving Wednesday for surgery and was going to be out for the next few months so I wanted to make sure I was there for any work he needed done which there was quite a bit.

Monday, I had work, took an actual lunch break to have lunch with my husband, orthodontist appt for Brielle and then I had class.

Tuesday, I went to work and I opted to go do the grocery shopping which had not been done so no gym time and I stood in line forever at the postal service to mail off the blanket.

Wednesday, I tried a new recipe from the "Don't Panic More Dinner's in the Freezer" book I picked up at the library. Instead of putting it in the freezer though I put it in the fridge before I ran off to work. I I went to the gym and watched a movie, "Containment." It was an interesting enough movie, a little violent but it wasn't bad.

Thursday, more work but at least it was the last day of work. Then I went to the gym for longer than I expected as I watched the movie, "The Colony." Which ended up being a hell of a lot more violent than I had expected and just a lot of suspense. So much so I started using the heart rate monitor on the treadmill and it sure did spike it.

Friday, I'm off as you see.
There's lots of responsible things to do but Thursday at work I tweaked my back so I'm just trying to take it easy. I haven't decided what I'm going to do yet the only thing I have set is at 5pm I need to pick up Brielle from one of the schools from sectional orchestra practice they have a large performance and are working on college level music. They really are an awesome orchestra. I remember going to the big performances when she was little and thinking after listening to her and the rest of her class that they could never be as good as the high schoolers but not only are they that good but they have surpassed them.

Okay!! Pictures. I have a bunch to catch up on. I actually need to pause writing this so I can load a couple since last weekend was Brielle's Homecoming so I have pictures of that too.


Don't mind the messy house.

Parmesan Garlic Chicken

Parm Chicken w/pasta, salad and pickled beets. I think the chicken needed more seasoning so I just added extra Italian seasoning to the top of mine but over all it got a thumbs up not for an every week meal but every once and awhile the family said it would be good. My husband wonders how it would be with actual spaghetti.

I meant to post this 11 hours ago but life happened.
... To note I'm unhappy with USPS right now the blanket was suppose to be delivered Thursday and it's still out and hasn't been delivered. I just got notification that at least it is in the right state now.

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  1. Your movies sound like things I might like, I'll have to check them out. Sorry your blanket didn't arrive on time, that's too bad. Your daughter's dress is beautiful!