Monday, April 11, 2016

Busy Monday, April 11

Today's 'To-Do' List

  • Write this Blog
  • Make a menu
  • Go grocery Shopping
  • Lunch with Peter 
  • Catch up on chores around the house
  • Music Class

  • Hot Dogs w/chips (and leftover potatoes & corn from last night)
  • Grilled Chicken, Pasta & Peas
  • OnCor Chicken Parm with Spaghetti
  • Thursday - 4-H Banquet
  • Grilled Cheese & Tomato Soup
  • Pizza
  • OnCor Boneless Rib sandwiches and French Fries

This Week's 'To-Do' List
  • All week - Work/School for the Family
  • Wednesday - Brie Orthodontist (we're on the last legs of this they keep doing their final adjustments if she would just remember to keep her bands in. Hoping we get the GO for scheduling them taking them off this time but we'll see.)
  • Thursday - Kat has Chorus but the teacher won't tell me what time. Brie has an doc appt at 4pm. 6pm is the 4-H Banquet! Busy busy day! (Oh goodness I'm suppose to have class that day too and I think it overlaps with something else! I'm going to have to find out.)
  • Friday - Library Teen Art Gallery both kids have elected to participate. 
  • Saturday - RPG game in the evening. Unsure if I'm going to have Stitch N Bitch that morning or not. It's normally Sundays but one of the ladies husbands decided that he was going to take every Sunday for himself and she has a 2 year old so we're trying to figure out how to shuffle things. If I don't have SnB that morning then it is the first day of the Saturday Farmers market so I'm tempted to go out there. 

Last Week

Last week was Spring Break and we went down to Florida transferring some of my parents timeshare points. First let me get this off my chest. We stayed at Westgate Spa and Resort on Turkey Lake Rd and I highly suggest you NEVER EVER stay with them. They were horrific! Even though we used timeshare points to go there and paid for our stay and got nothing free out of it we were pushed into a high pressure sales situation that by the end of it they had destroyed my nevers where I was shaking and and couldn't even speak steady because I was on the verge of tears! They were telling us we were horrible parents and all sorts of stuff because we didn't want to buy into their timeshare! It was BAD! After we lost half a day we weren't expecting to lose (That was Monday) we tried to make the best of that day and of our vacation. The room was about in the condition of a Motel 6. There weren't enough plug-ins. The wifi access was limited and extremely, painfully slow. Everything there cost a horrific amount. There is no tour of facilities. There is no information even on what to do with your trash or linens. I have never had such a horrific experience and I've stayed some questionable places before.

That aside we did spend a week down in Orlando, Florida. We spent 3 days at Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure. We went to Cocoa Beach. We went to Medieval Times. We even went out and played Putt-putt (they had it there at the resort but we refused to do anything there after what they did to us).

Other than our 'resort' we had a fabulous time. I took nearly 500 pictures on my camera not counting my phone so I'll try to pick and choose from among them. :) Universal was all so hugely done. I mean the buildings so decoratively made and so much detail into every little bit and it just towered above you. It was actually really impressive.

This was what the decor was like at the Putt-Putt place! Seriously this and a large pirate ship and other pirate stuff! It was beautiful! I cannot say enough about Pirates Cove in Orlando! It was a fun course and just gorgeous! 
The losers at the Putt-Putt place! 
The girls named Medieval Times the BEST part of the vacation. 
It was hard to get pictures. Ours was the Black and White Knight!

And then last but not least is a picture of the beach. Our whiteness would blind people so I'm not going to post any pictures of us out on it. The water was very cold but the girls got out into it and enjoyed themselves. Peter and I ended up taking a short walk along the beach and we both decided that future vacations we will go back to the beach as per normal. We are no longer taking our July vacations... It's a long and private story but know it is for the best for all of us so it will be just us working out a good time in the future to start doing our ocean side adventures again. 

All in all we enjoyed ourselves. Though the drive down and the drive back up weren't very pleasant. My facebook is filled with bad words about the traffic in Atlanta. What should have been a 12 hour drive was closer to a 14-15 hour drive to put it one way. 

I need to sit down and figure out how much this vacation truly cost us. We had been saving for the past year but I know we went over just our savings. A trip like this is pretty expensive so it's kind of a once in a lifetime (or twice for Peter since he went as a kid) sort of thing at least for us it is. 


Oh while it is on my mind. Review of the Pork Loin with Garlic Rub I tried from the Don't Panic More Dinner's in the Freezer book. It was alright not stellar. It called for way too much salt though. I even decreased it a tad bit when making it and it just called for way too much sodium. I may go ahead and write down the recipe but I'm going to have to make some adjustments. 

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  1. Spring break in Florida? I'm jealous! Looks like you had fun minus the awful time share experience. I'd love to go to the Harry Potter world some day. I'm excited to get back to a beach (I hope!) next May when we go on the band trip. Hope you have a wonderful week ahead!