Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Busy Monday, June 5

Today's 'To-Do' List
  • Well it was suppose to be getting this blog up but that didn't happen. I started it Monday at least.
  • Grocery Shopping
  • Menu
  • Drop kids off for 4-H Camp
  • Drop Blacky off at Groomer - Peter took care of this for me thankfully.
  • Go to work
  • Pick Blacky up from Groomer
  • Um... food? It's just myself and Peter this week. We had steak I found on discount for Monday. One day we are planning Chicken Quesadillas and I know we plan to make some spaghetti. I'm not sure what else we will have. 
This Week's 'To-Do' List
  • Go to work of course
  • Yard work - I need to get out and mow since the kids are gone so I can't pay them to do it. 
  • Work on quilt - I'm running out of time and I found this neat stitch but I may end up stitching in the ditch which is sad but surely the ladies will understand. 
  • Tuesday - Get oil change
  • Wednesday - Take car down for a recall they need to reprogram some stuff
  • Thursday - Peter has a dental (I told him it was Tuesday and he didn't believe me so when they called him Monday he rescheduled it... I have a calendar for a reason!)
  • Thursday - Get kids picked up from 4-H Camp dropoff
  • Thursday - Clean up the stuff from camp
  • Thursday - Help kids finish their cosplay for OMG Con
  • Friday - Every one is off work! We go to OMG Con! And we will be there all weekend! Thankfully it's in town so no travel required though Brielle is asking if a friend can spend the night and travel with us. 
Last Week

So it's been a month since I've posted so I've got a lot to catch up on and I'm sure I'm going to miss some. I don't have the time right now to go over the new recipes I tried so I'm going to have to touch on that later as I do need to get off to work.


Katherine had her Spring Dance in May. The theme was Hollywood so we got pretty silly with the picture taking and of course we had to have the big sun glasses because every movie star has big sun glasses!

Here we are at the end of the year Choir performance for Katherine. (I believe my prior post talked about Brielle's end of the year Orchestra performance and Katherine's end of the year Band performance... I'm not 100% sure though as it has been awhile.)

So the first night of camping was actually the 27th and I don't have pictures of the camp ground because it was a very eventful first night! We were blessed that a friend of ours brought their 40x40 circus like tent (seriously it was purchased from the Shriners) and we oddly got it between trees though it was low and we had to keep pushing water off the top. That evening in between rain storms my husband went to the tent to get the bed ready and found we had an intent swimming pool... cool right... well you'd be right if you meant COLD! So he sopped up what water he could we unloaded the tent and pulled it, sides drooping under the circus tent for that night. Thankfully the next day we found a better place to put it and we didn't have the total downpours again. We did get a lot of rain that weekend but really Friday was the worst of it. It was our family and two other families camping together for mine and Peter's annual Anniversary camping trip. We've been married for 16 years now. So hard to believe!

On the first day we went to Kentucky Down Under (see picture above). We have a similar picture on the wall from when we went there when the girls were much smaller. Our other friends hadn't been there yet so it seemed a great activity for us and it made me happy to see other folks enjoying it too. By the way kangaroos are really soft!

Day 3 (Sunday), one of the families went home they hadn't been camping for years and they had a 2 year old so it had been a rough couple of nights. Ourselves and the other family of friends went to Mammoth Caves and did a cave tour. I'm so glad we are experienced at Mammoth Caves. It was a mad house this year since this is the 100 year anniversary of the national parks! Seriously check out your area you might have one closer than you know. 
We were standing there as I was having my kids do the Junior Ranger program again and I was introducing the other children to what a Junior Ranger program was and I overheard many people trying to buy cave tour tickets but couldn't because everything was sold out. That's generally how it goes you need to buy at least a couple days in advance to make sure you get a tour. It also did not help the congestion that many tours were shut down as they are redoing many of the cave tour trails updating the safety and the paths. 
We had an awesome time and my friend's family has lots of pictures though I gave Brielle the camera so our pictures are very moving photos aka blurry.

On the last day of our trip after we packed up camp we followed each other down to a trial and took a really nice walk and got a beautiful pictures. 
We also saw a nesting large bird we couldn't tell what type but it was young and in the cliffside. 

On the way home I decided to follow my car's GPS and I should have known better as I took and adventure and Peter decided to follow me in the other car and so I took him on an adventure through the back towns of Kentucky and Amish country. 

As you can see we did eventually get home but it was quite the detour. 

At this point these other pictures don't have dates I'm pretty sure they were all before memorial day weekend. 

Oh I almost forgot I also finished some sewing projects. In the Stitch N Bitch group two of our ladies are pregnant right now and both due close to the same time. 
I made two of these little outfits. Our ladies are having little girls but I thought the print was so adorable. 
Brielle and Katherine were at Jr. Homemakers Club and they were panting. They had lots of options of things they could use this is what they decided to make on their small canvases. 
We had a Meijer open here in town and I was insane enough that on Sunday morning I stood in line at 5am for the 6am open for a mystery free gift. I got $10 and then loaded my cart up with lots of fruits and veggies and then of course hit starbucks that was inside the store because it was much needed. 

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