Monday, July 25, 2016

Busy Monday, July 25

Today's 'To-Do' List
  • Plan Menu
  • Grocery Shopping
  • Lunch with Peter
  • Cleaning house (so much to do not even sure where to start)
  • Pork, Beans, ? (held over from last week)
  • Balsamic Chicken, Rice, Salad
  • Spaghetti w/Italian Sausage (we picked that up the other week from a local butcher)
  • Tacos
  • Pizza
  • Mediterranean Chicken w/Egg Noodles & peas
  • ? Unsure one menu item off
This Week's 'To-Do' List
  • Work
  • County Fair
  • Baby Shower - Of sorts. My best friend and one of our project club members is due in 8 weeks but chances are they will deliver her sooner because she has this condition where during pregnancy it starts doing very bad things do her liver. This is her second child so instead of having a full baby shower the ladies are all getting together and we are going to paint the nursery to help get it ready for the new baby. 
  • One of my friends is celebrating her Birthday this next weekend so going to do whatever fun things we get planned. 
  • Pick up Fair items is Sunday. 
  • Brie has an appt this week 
Last Week

So last week I went to the dentist thankfully no fillings. I have a lot of problems with my teeth and always have from childhood due to lacking enamel. We are watching a few things but so far so good. 

Monday, I tried out a new recipe. Parmesan Chicken. It got lots of thumbs up though the recipe breakdown of the Carbs, Sodium and calories was completely wrong when I did my write up of it. 

The kids went to the library and did tie dye shirts. Again I am thankful they are getting the hang of the bus system because they would miss out on so much if they didn't. From there that day I picked them up and we rushed over to Brielle's Orthodontist appt we finally have a date for taking the braces off which will be in October. 

One day I was stir crazy and it's been crazy hot so when I got off work I gathered up the kids and went and picked up my friend and her daughter and we went to the spray park since all the pools were closed or were closing and extremely expensive. 

Got Brielle to her appt. If you're wondering about all these appts we had some family emergencies last summer some might remember. I've never really gone into it and I'm not going to go into it now but these are counseling sessions so they are a pretty regular part of our schedule any more. There is hopes that she will be done with them here by the end of the month but things take time. 

We dropped off the kids fair entries so we are pretty excited about that. Judging will be this coming Wednesday. 

I took my friend out we are doing the baby shower for this weekend and we picked up all the stuff so she could get the walls patched up before we painted and picked up the paint and most of the painting supplies. 

I then took the kids out school shopping. I don't know exactly what they need but I took some educated guesses. The reason I did that is we went into Meijers for some of the stuff we need for the construction. I forget exactly why I wanted to go into there and they had the TI-84 Plus CE for $129.99 and there was a coupon on their app for $30 off and when you purchase it you got a coupon for $40 off your next shopping trip and then on top of that they hadn't taken off last weeks deal when you only got $30 to print off so I got two print offs and essentially saved  $100 on the calculator. I then went back and had my friend load the coupon and did it again because there was NO way to pass that up. It gave me a $140 for school shopping. Mind you we spent nearly $200. So I had to make up the difference but I paid $250 for $450 worth of stuff which I don't think is shabby at all. 

Oh also that day I took my friend over to Bargain Hunt because she has never been in one and she found a bassinet she really liked for $30 but didn't have the cash so I picked that up for her because how that place is set up they don't have back stock what you see is what there is and it's all new stuff. -- I think part of my problem is, is I really want another baby but I know with my kids so old that would be a silly thing to do plus I really don't have the time and money to bring up another kiddo I have enough issues with the two I've got so instead I'm just going to have to steal everyone else babies for awhile. 

Our cat being silly. 

I stayed home sick Friday. It was bad my ear hurt, I had a fever and my throat was all ate up. Though I was asked if Saturday & Sunday if I could go check on a friends dog. Thankfully by Saturday morning I was starting to feel better so it wasn't too big of an issue. Peter went with me the first day thankfully because we got locked inside the yard and he had to lift me over the fence so I could unlock the door! After wards Peter and I went out for breakfast. 

Oh Saturday we also went to a swim party. I was real careful not to get my ear wet.  

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