Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Busy Monday - Late Edition

Monday & Tuesday
  • Monday turned into a shopping day. I had to finish shopping for Thanksgiving now all I need is brown and serve rolls because I've had those go bad on me before so I'm holding off and a few bottles of wine. One of the ladies that is coming with her family is bringing the sweet potatoes thankfully.
    I ended up going to three stores and the sad thing is I had already purchased much of Thanksgiving dinner the week before on another sale. I also had to stock up on meats though for the house because we do have to eat something prior to Thanksgiving. Now after Thanksgiving it is just a lot of rehash of the same foods. 
  • Tuesday:
    • Work
    • Nap - I always need an hour afternoon nap these days for some reason. I walk in the house with the best intentions and then I just pass out. 
    • 4:30 Brielle had an appointment with the optometrist. I normally take them every other year even though I know we should go every year but Brielle broke her glasses so was wearing an old set. I guess it is a good thing we went through one of her eyes changed prescription again.
      I set up an appointment for Katherine though sadly I have to yank her out of school for it but I love their optometrist and prefer sending the kids there instead of to some place like eyemart.   
    • Peter fixed the grilled cheese & tomato soup. Kat helped some with buttering bread and when I got home I helped too though he took care of the majority thankfully. 
    • 5:30 Johanna (my friend who is getting married) stopped by with her kids apparently I had made arrangements to go over wedding stuff because she pushed the wedding date to Jan. 7th! So we are in a bit of a scramble. I had totally forgotten this. 
    • 5:45 I run out the door to get the kids to the library for their Anime Club. Thankfully at 7 Peter went to go get the kids picked up so Johanna and I could continue going over wedding stuff. 
    • Around 7:30 Johanna & her kids go home. We tell our kids to finish homework and get ready for bed.  
  • Monday was Chicken & Rice that was held over from the prior week.
  • Tuesday was Grilled Cheese & Tomato Soup
  • Wednesday (Today) will be Spaghetti
  • Thursday I think I'm going to change to pork tenderloin w/mashed potatoes and broccoli 
  • Friday Pizza
  • Saturday Lloyd's pulled pork & chips -or- eat out 
  • Sunday -- Unknown. I have lots of food around the house though so it will be something from the house. 
This Week's 'To-Do' List
  • Wednesday (Today) - 
    • Work/School
    • I need to pick up two cans of WD-40 after work
    • 4:30 4-H
  • Thursday - 
    • 7:15 Peter needs to be at the Middle School for All Pro-Dad's. It's a class they give with free breakfast about once a month on parenting and getting dad's involved. 
    • Work/School
    • Appt with Gloria has been canceled she's in the Hospital so will be rescheduled later. 
    • Open day?
  • Friday - 
    • Work/School
    • Peter has his card game at 6:30 he should be home around 11pm
  • Saturday - 
    • Brielle Volunteers at Humane Society in the Morning
    • 12 pm Katherine has to be at the High School with the rest of band as the Middle School band practices with the High School for the Christmas Parade that day. 
    • Christmas Parade
    • 6:30 Pick Katherine up from the High School
  • Sunday - 
    • Brielle Volunteers down at the Humane Society. 
    • Clean house!!!
Last Week
Hard to believe it was only last week that I voted. 

It's hard to believe how this election has gone.

I'm still watching facebook and shaking my head. 

I'm very worried for the years to come with the state our country is in. 

I am very thankful for my family, my friends, my job and my home. 

After work that day Brielle had an orthodontist appt. Nothing to report just a check in with how things were going with her new mouth equipment. 

Wednesday was Peter's Birthday. It got a bit stressful because we found out Kat lost a lot of work for school so sadly things weren't as happy go lucky as one would hope. 

In other news we started printing lego style wreaths. I'm hoping to sell a couple to recoup plastic cost but we will see. 

Last week I also got a Fitbit Blaze. My pedometer died and that meant for the last several months I haven't been earning points on Humana. Thankfully we had enough humana points that my fitbit cost us nothing out of pocket. 

Saturday we went to the Library for Retrogaming day with Katherine. Brielle had stayed the night at a friend's house Friday night so she wasn't home yet.
We then went to a last minute birthday party and met up with Brielle there and spent the afternoon bowling.
Saturday night we had guests over to play cards.

Sunday truthfully I forget what we were doing. I played a couple hands of cards with Peter and I think I was trying to clean most of the day. Brielle went to the movies with a friend. I think that was really the jiff of that day. 

Alrighty that's my late post. I need to run to work! 

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