Thursday, November 3, 2016

Busy Monday, Oct. 31

Okay I lied it's not October 31st and I didn't even start this on the 31st but hey I need to put something up so let's go over a little of what's going on. So we are in Finals week for the High School which means lots of projects due and lots of tests due. One of these projects due was my eldests daughter's programing project in visual basic for her Principles of Engineering course. Well from the very beginning the teacher said he had seen no one accomplish this and truthfully if we had just a bit more time at about 3am Monday (yes you are reading that right) we started to get on the right path but it was 3am so I let Brielle (my daughter) get some sleep aka 3 hours of sleep. I stayed up until 4:30 am trying to figure out how to fix her program. There were lots of little things but needless to say at about 3:30am I emailed the teacher complaining. By Tuesday a friend mentioned something to me which set me off again so I emailed the school district because I didn't feel students should be set up to fail and I hate that there is no book for the class.
In any case, Monday since I was up until 4:30 am I really was pretty useless. Around 1 pm Johanna and her daughters came over because we were using my house as a base of operations for Halloween but apparently we needed to get out of the house sooner or something because trick-or-treating was dismal around here. We did have a nice fire going in the fire pit. Peter stayed out by the fire to hand out candy though he told us we didn't have a single trick-or-treater and truth be told we didn't see many kids out Monday.
When the girls got home Monday I had them watch Johanna's girls (2 yrs and 8 wks) and we went to the grocery store since I had yet to do that and I needed stuff for chili that night.
It was a gorgeous night I still can't believe how few trick or treaters there were.

Tuesday, I went to work. I dealt with the school district as mentioned up above thankfully Brielle did not 'fail' the assignment unknown to me the teacher fully expected her to succeed but no child was failed if they didn't they just had to give a good presentation. I went to the grocery store and picked up some things since I didn't get to do a week of grocery shopping and then I went to Brielle's school and picked her up after school so I could get her to the Orthodontist for a new piece of mouth equipment. 

Wednesday, it was work again. I went to the grocery store again. I then went to Eyemart to get my glasses fixed and then picked up Blacky from the groomer; Peter had dropped Blacky off in the morning at the groomer.
That evening was a Parents of Juniors meeting so the girls ate ramen and Peter and I went and got served pizza as we learned about all of the opportunities and what colleges are looking for.
Somewhere in that time I messed up my foot or ankle. By time we left that meeting I couldn't walk and for the evening I couldn't walk or move without extreme pain. So I sat and played video games and complained on Facebook to my medically inclined friends to ask what in the world happened.

Here it is Thursday. I've called into work and am going to go get ready to head down to Convenient Care though I doubt there is anything they can do about my foot/ankle. I would like to get back to meijer they have these coupons in the fliers they are beyond awesome so I've been stocking up on stuff but at the moment I'd have to get into one of those motorized carts. I also have my orchestra class tonight. Other than the hobble into the the classroom that shouldn't bother me but I missed the last one because it was on Halloween and kids come first.
I may or may not go to the doctor I haven't left out yet. My foot is getting better slowly as long as I rest it. Been fighting on the phone all morning between Firestone Building Products and Kroger about my injury. I've about had it. 

  • Spaghetti
  • Pizza
  • ....
  • ....
This Week's 'To-Do' List
  • Friday
    • Peter has Cards
  • Saturday
    • Marksmanship Club for Katherine at the shooting range
    • Brielle to Volunteer at the Humane Society
    • Potential RPG for Peter and myself in the evening
  • Sunday
    • Meet with Johanna in the morning to go over wedding stuff
Last Week

Katherine had her band concert. Last year she was on the cornet the teacher moved her to the French Horn this year. According to the teacher she is doing very well especially since the French Horn is so much more difficult. Very proud of my girl.

Directly after the band concert was the Chorus performance. No Katherine did not get her hair dyed she's wearing a wig since they were allowed to wear halloween costumes. 

These were both last Thursday.

Last Friday was the Orchestra Concert. Directly before the Orchestra concert was a quartet that Brielle played in.
Oh wow I didn't cover that last week did I. So out of the blue Wednesday I get an email from Brielle asking if she can stay after school she's been asked to play in a quartet to fill in a space last minute. I didn't know when the quartet was playing or even where.
So they were practicing at the Middle School Wednesday and I had to pick her up and then they needed her Thursday so I had to reschedule her counseling appointment. Thankfully he Counselor was very understanding when I explained the situation. So Thursday Peter and I run through a drive thru for dinner for everyone and then once Brielle's practice was done she came out to the car to get some food and then we went in for Katherine's performances.
Friday comes around and she has to stay after school again for practice and turns out for the quartet also. Her fingers hurt so badly after that day along with her back. We brought her some food so she could eat in between performances.

Friday after everything was said and done Peter took Brielle out to a friends house in Indiana for a 'teen halloween party'. I felt bad that Katherine was not included so I talked to one of my friends who was having a party for kids over in another county and she invited Katherine so I drove her out there. Katherine had a wonderful time so I really am going to have to drive her out there more often.

Saturday is a bit of a blur. I finished the quilt I had been working on for Johanna's youngest (Evelynn).
We cleaned up the living room from all my sewing and then it was pretty much time to get ready for the adult Halloween Party but I did drive the girls down to the Public Library where they had a lock in after hours for about an hour and a half for a little teen party and then got the girls back home so they could babysit a friend's kiddo since this friend was going to the same adult Halloween party.
Horrible picture of me but most pictures are. Peter and I went as Peg and Al Bundy from Married with Children.

Sunday was a bit of a blur since we didn't get home until 4:30 am. We did carve pumpkins though.

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