Monday, November 28, 2016

Busy Monday, November 28

Today's 'To-Do' List
  • Drive Brielle to School
  • Write Blog - In progress
  • Menu - Um yeah didn't happen
  • Grocery Shopping
  • Lunch with Peter
  • Grocery Shopping
  • B-12 Shot @ Hospital
  • Seperate out left over Thanksgiving meats - If you are like what the heck? We had turkey and ham left. The turkey needed to be removed from the bones (legs and such) and shredded to be used or frozen and the ham needed to be trimmed and cubed. It was time consuming. 
  • Recycle Candles
  • Make Pot Pie
  • Music Class
  • Turkey Pot Pie - Today (recipe to come later I snapped a couple pictures with my phone)
  • Going to try this Turkey Cordon Bleu recipe. 
  • I found steak on clearance so steak is now on the menu
  • ??? We will see what we have and figure something out. 
This Week's 'To-Do' List
  • Work & School normal week schedule
  • Tuesday
    • Jr. Homemakers Club - 4-H
  • Wednesday
    • Pest Control inside treatment
  • Thursday
    • Music Class
  • Friday
    • Peter's Card Game
  • Saturday
    • Stitch 'n Bitch 2-5pm
    • Downtown Holiday Stroll 1-8pm (Christmas Tree lighting at 5pm so I will have to leave SnB early)
  • Sunday
    • Free?

Last Week
Okay so this is really gross to look at. This past week I was cleaning and I do mean CLEANING. Can you tell I hadn't gotten under my fridge for awhile. It's amazing where grossness hides! 

I also took some time to seed a few peppers but I need to seed some more of them so next year I can get these varieties again. 

Tuesday, Johanna came over to help because she wanted to learn how to make Lefse and all day Wednesday we worked on it. 

I also got the pumpkin pies done. 

Thanksgiving Day Pictures. 

Saturday we had 4-H Marksmanship Club. Katherine got to hold the flags for the pledge of allegiance and  the 4-H pledge.

Katherine also got to fire a 22 this time. She did really awesome and was totally giddy when we left because she got so much praise. It was very cold out there though so afterwards we stopped by Starbucks because we needed to warm back up.

Sunday we went to the Circus with some friends. We haven't been to a circus since Brielle was about 3 years old aka before Katherine was born and that was a little tent circus. 

Sunday I got some seeds started that I got from a person in a growing group I'm apart of on Facebook. We will see if they grow they should do something in about 2 weeks time. 

I also spend Sunday and today recycling candles. Melting down old ones and getting them into a shape and size I can reuse later. I'm mainly doing this because a friend wants to use my candle jars for her wedding decor as we are doing a wedding on what seems like a $50 budget so I'm pulling my hair out somewhat as MoH. But we'll get it all figured out we've got a month (yes a month again can I strangle the bride or is that considered impolite?) 

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