Monday, March 13, 2017

Busy Monday, March 13

Today's 'To-Do' List
  • Is as done as it is going to be given it's 10:30pm. I drove Brielle into school. Made a bit of a meal plan and got groceries. Had to switch out some thread at Jo-Ann Fabric's because mine had a big black mark on it I didn't notice when I bought it. I had lunch with Peter and then we stopped by Starbucks for my Birthday drink (Not my birthday yet but they loaded it early) and then took him home. I worked on some embroidery stuff. I paid some bills (sadly paid medical with credit card and not HSA I was too scatterbrained today). Katherine made dinner of Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup. I went to Orchestra class and then I came home and watched a little TV with the hubby. He surprised me when I came home and had a bunch of laundry folded and vacuumed! 
  • Tacos or Spaghetti it will depend on if my avocado is ready or not yet. 
  • Birthday Dinner so we are going to the Golden Corral that opened in town. I have my free meal email from them and I told the ladies from work I wanted my gift card from there. 
  • Tacos or Spaghetti... whichever one we didn't have on Tuesday.
  • Crockpot Corned Beef (potatoes, carrots, onions all stewed in with it yum)
  • Pizza
  • Not sure yet but I bought plenty of stuff for meals so we will be cooking in. 
This Week's 'To-Do' List
  • Tuesday
    • Johanna is suppose to come by so I can help her with sewing again. 
    • The library is having a stop motion movie class for the teens I'd really like it if the girls could go but I need to talk to Peter about it since I'll be helping Johanna.
  • Wednesday
    • My Birthday woot another year older and more senile.
    • 4-H STEM Club
  • Thursday
    • Orchestra Class
  • Friday
    • Brielle is suppose to be Volunteering at the Library helping older folks with tech like the library websites.
    • FnM is going to be a Draft for the new Modern Masters so Peter will be playing in that.
    • It is a Pokemon week so Katherine will be down there for that and I will be helping her because I won't play in a draft it cost too much. 
  • Saturday
    • Going to the city about 40 minutes away to go to their big Jo-Ann store and maybe Michaels too. I will be going with some of my Stitch N Bitch gals and going out to the Greek restaurant for lunch. 
    • Friends are having their annual St. Patties day party so we'll drop in there that evening. 
  • Sunday
    • Brielle will be volunteering at the Humane Society most likely.
    • Get laundry and stuff done and get ready for the work week.
Last Week

So last week was pretty messed up. I won't go into it all but let us say a lot of teenage drama. Break ups. And mom don't know sh* apparently moments at least in my teenage girl's mind. On top of all that stress was the fact I came down with a weird illness. I pushed through it and went to work every day but I really felt horrible the whole time I was there and wasn't nearly productful enough which means this next week is going to be rough on me to catch back up on things. 

I still haven't figured out what is going on with my phone backing up to the internet. Grr this blog look so plain with no pictures at all on it. 

Weather has been freaky around here and we had snow today of all things. I'm not sure about anyone else but I'm just ready for Spring. I don't want summer no I just want a nice mild spring where I can have some time to get some stuff done outside or heck just a day where I don't feel that it is so nasty I don't want to go clean out my car because it could really use some cleaning. 

Well I better get to bed it's 11 o'clock and it's a work night. 

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