Monday, December 2, 2013

Busy Monday, December 2

Not my traditional 'Busy Monday' post as a lot has happened to me since my diagnosis of PCOS. I was put onto MetFormin and a birth control medication to try and even out my hormones and help with my insulin levels. During the 5 days I was on it I stopped eating near completely and was in a very dark depressing place and in a lot of pain. It was very upsetting and I really did feel like the world was just no longer worth being apart of. I went off the medication last Tuesday and since then it's been a complete 180 turn and I realized how much of my life I had discounted or complained about or stressed to an unnecessary point about.
We had a good Thanksgiving and when I had expected my family of 4+2 I ended up having to last minute for 7 additional people. I took it in stride and everyone had plenty to eat. Infact we are still trying to use leftovers around here. I will be freezing stuff today.
This morning I went to my actual doctor again today instead of the nurse practitioner who gave me my diagnosis and put me on the original medications. My doctor listened to me and we are starting a new plan of attack. I start back on the MetFormin tonight and then after I start tolerating that am being put on a very low dose of estrogen about as low of a doseage as they can prescribe. I am to keep in contact with my doctor and if we need to change treatment again she's already got another medication.
She asked what our plans for children were and it was made known I like to have the option open. Infact I talked to Peter and if I still feel like I want to have more children come next fall then we may try again then. Though 34 sounds awfully old to start again with a little one I do like to know the option is there. I really do miss having a baby in my life. I need to go steal one and have a few restless nights perhaps. :)

Anyways, that is what has been going on with me in my world over the past week. I'm struggling to cope but knowing there are people in my life who have my back has been a godsend.

Today I plan to package food, get some laundry taken care of and pick up a few odds and ends at the grocery store but for the most part just take it easy and know that I don't need to be super mom right now because just being 'mom' and being happy and healthy is what would make everyone the happiest.  

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