Thursday, February 6, 2014

A Wintery Week

Well that wasn't a joke when the Groundhog said 6 more weeks of winter. Monday school was called out because of the weather moving in later that day (it started around 2pm). I can't even remember how the days went any more. I stayed home with the kids on Monday my normal day off. That's right there was snow somewhere in there like 4" of it!
Tuesday the Freezing rain moved in and since then the roads have just been too bad for school to be in session.
That is correct! There has been no school all week!
I've had my oldest who is 13 1/2 watching my youngest. It makes me very nervous and I make sure they have a phone near by and every day we talk about the hazards of fire, 911, etc. I admit it, I hover over my children a lot! They have done well though and have been working on studying for tests and doing the few chores I write down for them.
I really wonder if we will at least have school tomorrow.

As for now though it is bitter cold with flurries of snow drifting around in the air but never really seeming to land.
I'm ready for Spring!!

I assure you the tree is not normally in the gutter.

Well birds won't be getting anything to eat out of there anytime soon.

It amazes me this fence gate gets a lot of sun and yet there is still a good layer of ice.


  1. Those are very pretty pictures of the snow and ice. My boys have been out of school Tuesday through today although one was home sick on Monday so it feels like all week. So far no call for tomorrow. I think the roads are okay now but this morning the temp was -5, the temp not the windchill so they had to cancel. I know what you mean about getting nervous leaving them alone but it sounds like your girls are handling it well. After 4 days, I'm kind of ready to leave mine alone for a day or two or 10 ;) LOL. Hopefully, the next round due here for the weekend won't come your way as well.

    1. Yeah, kiddos out out tomorrow too because this ice won't melt. I'd love to be home with them though so I could help them more with their school studies and get into some crafts or cooking. We've got a chance of snow again Saturday and Sunday. I think you must be blowing your weather purposely towards us. :)